Wednesday, August 17, 2011

KL Bird Park

On Tuesday I went to the KL Bird Park. It's supposed to be the largest aviary in the world. It's very nice, it you like birds (which I do). Many of the birds are allowed to fly freely within the netted area, and they are so used to humans that they stroll right by you nonchalantly, so it's easy to get good pictures.

Birds are so expressive, and so smart, in their own way. What I want to know from my serious bird-watching friend (you know who you are), if you see a bird you've never seen before in a place like this, is it fair to add it to your life list? Probably not....

Here are some of my best pictures, but go check out the rest of my bird park pictures on Picasa.

The ostriches are kept in an enclosure because they are aggressive.

I could have gotten my picture taken with a bunch of birds, too, but I declined the opportunity.

The bird show invoked memories of the St. louis Zoo, many years ago.

The parrots really enjoyed the slide, or maybe it was the food reward.

This puzzle was a piece of cake.

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