Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Well happy birthday to me (on the 22nd). It was a nice day. In the morning I rode my bike to the Arboretum. I wasn’t 100% sure I could get there on my bike but it turns out there is a new trail that just opened along Hwy 5 that leads right to the Arb. I was able to ride under the highway through a tunnel and right up to the gatehouse. We are members so it didn’t cost me anything. I rode my bike along Three Mile Drive, which is really hilly! I just didn't realize how hilly from driving it in a car. I was contemplating doing a dualthalon there in August, but now I don't think so. I'm not in that kind of bike shape! Then I rode back the way I came, around 13 miles total. In October more of the trail will be open and then I think I could do a loop, continuing along Hwy 5 and then returning on the trail along Hazelton Blvd.

In the evening we took the boat across the lake and went out to eat at Vann’s Restaurant in Spring Park: When we got to the boat it wouldn’t start! Dang. We went back to the house and got another battery, switched batteries and we were good to go. Its nice being only 5 minutes from the marina! Lee thinks the new bilge pump must have drained it. He’s going to get a solar powered battery charger like we had on the sailboat and then that won’t happen again.

It was very windy on the lake, but the third pontoon made it nbd. Without that extra pontoon it would have been miserable. Vann’s has their own pier, with a tiny faded white sign. We are blind so we had to get very close to make sure we were tying up to the right place. They ran out and helped us, very nice!

This is a really good restaurant, basically in the middle of nowhere. Spring  Park is a little town on the north side of Lake Minnetonka, inbetween Mound and Wayzata. There is no convenient way to get there (except by boat!). The food was delicious and the presentation was beautiful, so pretty that I had to take multiple pictures.

They have a three course meal for $75 with several different offerings to choose from. We also got a glass of white wine from Sonoma. The waiter said it had smoky notes. No kidding! To me it tasted like it had been in a fire! Lee liked it, me not so much. 

For the first course Lee got the oysters and I got the hamachi, aka amberjack. The waiter didn’t know where the oysters were from but he asked the chef and came back with “pink moon oysters from the upper east coast”. I kind of laughed and said that was a pretty large area. We looked them up and they were PEI oysters. He didn’t know where that was. Like I said, a small town in the middle of nowhere.



We had halibut for the second course. It was truly delicious, in a rich mushroom sauce. I told Lee that it’s been a long time since I wanted to lick the plates in a restaurant! 


The last course was a chocolate hazelnut eclair with espresso ice cream. They were so good. Even Lee, who is not that into dessert, ate every bite. It was so delicious I forgot to take a picture!

We tooled back across the lake, still windy, the sun lower in the sky but still not ready to set. Mid summer in Minnesota, it’s still staying light until after 9. As Lee said, this is why we picked this area of Minneapolis to live. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

June, July, Daniel, Kelsey, Rossi and Joanne

Visitors, stories, a party, a puppy (not ours!!!), boat rides, restaurants. A fairly normal summer commences!

Tuesday June 29th

Daniel and Kelsey are visiting for the next 3 weeks. They both work remotely so they don’t need to take a lot of vacation but can just come here and hang out. We love having them around. They are very nice house guests and it just makes me happy to see them. They arrived Sunday afternoon and so far we haven’t done a thing, just hung out. Tonight we’re going out to eat at Coalition in Excelsior. 

We babysat for the kids this weekend while Sarah and Erik took a “glamping” vacation for Sarah’s birthday. We watched Kirby on Friday and Saturday morning and then we traded with Suzanne and watched Leo Saturday afternoon and Sunday.  Leo is emerging from the terrible threes and is becoming a delight to be around. Saturday night we watched Toy Story. Its a good movie, and Leo was mesmerized. I’m not sure how many full length movies he has watched, but he really got into it, creeping closer and closer to the television as the story progressed. He has a Buzz Lightyear doll and when Buzz showed up he gasped in surprise!

Kirby is entering full blown toddlerhood. He is developing by leaps and bounds. He has figured out how to get the plastic letter and number magnets to stick to the dishwasher and delights in taking them off and putting them back on. His walking skills are improving on a daily basis and he likes nothing better than to stomp around the house, exploring. But he is easily frustrated and its comically easy to make him melt down and cry. I’ve been searching for ways to tell him not to do something without using the word “no” because if you tell him “no” he bursts into tears. He still needs a lot of sleep, 12 hours at night and 2 1-1.5 hour naps, but his eating has slowed down considerably. 

Saturday July 3

Daniel's Meal at Coalition. What IS That??

Thursday we went to Coalition. It was nice to just go out to eat normally. Friday we used the passes I won in the Shorewood "Step to It" contest (I had the most steps of any senior in Shorewood, not that hard to do when you're training for a marathon!) and went to the St. Louis Park Aquatic Center. Leo looked at the water, stood at the edge for a bit and then boldly walked in, deeper and deeper. He splashed in the sprinklers, slid down the little kid slides. He walked all the way to the other side of the pool and jumped into the water to Daniel. He even floated a little with Daniel’s hand underneath him. So he does remember a little from his pre Covid swim lessons with Lee.

Kirby was very into walking. He walked all the way from the car with Suzanne, and walked into the water, but got apprehensive when it got up to his waist. 

We got snacks and Kirby wanted to walked around the snack area and see what other people were eating. Leo got a giant popsicle and traded me an Oreo for a bite. It was all different colors but basically tasted like sugar and ice.

On the way home I sat in the back and had a conversation with Leo, mainly to keep him awake so he didn't fall asleep in the car and could take a nap when we got back to the house. A very fun day.

This evening Sarah and Erik and Daniel and Kelsey are going out to eat and I’m babysitting Kirby, while Leo is with Kris for their annual half birthday celebration. I brought leftover Thai with me for dinner and Kirby liked it. He ate pad Thai and pineapple fried rice. Then we got ready for bed, put on pjs, read Goodnight Moon, cuddled with a bottle. I put him to bed and he actually talked and sang to himself for a little bit before he fell asleep. He’s getting big.

Monday July 5th

We didn’t do much on the 4th but today we had a party. We invited the Johnmeyer’s over. We hadn’t seen them in almost a year, since we took Leo to Zumbrota last September. The kids have grown so much. I hardly recognized Henry and Owen. They have gone from being little kids to being BOYS. Henry is 8, almost 9. Owen is 5, and tall. Grace just turned 3 and little Jack is 1. They are very good kids. 

Tom was in town so he came over with Harrison and August. Harrison and Leo don’t remember each other, even when we showed them pictures from last summer. But it didn’t take long before they were playing together, or at least around each other.

It’s funny, August needed a nap when he got here, and when he woke up Kirby needed one. It was sure handy to have the pack play set up in our bedroom. All the one year olds are walking, but at various stages of expertise. August is pretty sturdy, Kirby is getting there, and Jack is just taking his first steps.

We had bbq from Buddy’s Bbq in St. Bonny for lunch. We had it last year on the boat too. It’s the real deal, as good as anything I’ve ever had. There wasn’t much left, so I guess everyone else thought it was pretty good too!

The kids started out at the sand box and the little wading pool but before too long they had changed into bathing suits and were in the big pool. Lee had struggled yesterday to get the ph corrected but this morning the water was clear. I was worried that it would be too deep for the 3 year olds but they were fine and they loved it.

By the time everyone left I was trashed. That was a lot of people and a lot of excitement, and it was really hot outside. We’re supposed to get some rain and it’s supposed to cool off tomorrow. I sure hope so.

Friday July 9th

Last night Daniel, Kelsey, Sarah, Erik and Leo went to a Twins baseball game. They sat on the first base line. Erik caught a foul ball and gave it to Leo. Not understanding the significance Leo threw it over the balcony. Of course all the adults were aghast and then everyone started laughing. Poor Leo started to cry. Finally one of the stadium attendants retrieved it and gave it back to Leo, plus they gave Erik a bunch of tshirts and other twins paraphernalia. But what a story for Leo to tell when he gets older! “Remember the time I threw away the foul ball?”  

July 11

Yesterday we took Daniel, Kelsey and Joanne to the Mexican place next to Fair State and then walked down to Fair State and ate our food and drank their beer in their beer garden. It was fun, I’ve only been there once before, back when Leo was a baby. That time we went with Sarah and Erik and Sarah ended up spending half the time in the car nursing Leo because he was easily distracted. So this time was more fun.

I got Roselle, their hibiscus flavored beer. Whoever picked up the beers got me 16 ounces and at first I was appalled but I just kept sipping and eventually drank a lot of it. Later I bought a couple of bottles of their “wine-beer” to take home and try some time.

This morning I rode my bike 20 miles. It felt good and I think I will be in good shape for the Tour de Tonka at the beginning of August. I went ahead and signed up for the 36 mile route.

Then around 10 am Daniel, Kelsey, Sarah and Leo and I went to the Minnesota Zoo. It’s not San Diego but we had a good time. Leo was hot to see a tiger when we first got there and we were able to oblige him fairly quickly. Then he lost interest in the animals for awhile, wanted to be carried, and needed a snack. The grown ups enjoyed walking the paths and seeing the various animals. Eventually we ended up at a play area where Leo clambered around bravely and even climbed up a rope ladder all by himself. He’s growing up. After that we all needed food so we got some mediocre zoo food and then went to see the fish and the birds.

Leo Climbs the Rope Ladder Like a Big Kid

The fish were a hit. Sharks, coral reefs, brightly colored fishies of all different shapes and sizes. Leo really liked the sharks. I kind of liked the otters. They are such good swimmers!

By the time we headed for home everyone was tired. I hope Sarah was able to keep Leo awake in the car. I needed some coffee for sure!

Joanne left on Monday, Daniel, Kelsey and Rossi left on Thursday. Its very quiet around here without our visitors. I miss them! Little Rossi was such a hit with our dogs. They really enjoyed having a puppy around, and Rossi liked being part of a pack. She's a picky eater, like Harper, but with other dogs around she was always ready to eat her food.

July 20 2021

Yesterday was Lee’s birthday. On Sunday we took the boat across the lake to Wayzata for brunch, with Sarah, Erik, Leo, Kirby, Suzanne and Kris. It was fun. The boat rides so much better with the third pontoon. We can go faster now and we don’t take on water if people sit in the front. It’s smoother too and therefore I'm less nervous. A much pleasanter experience.

We went to 6Smith. As soon as we walked in I realized that we had been there before. Our realtor took us there after we closed on the land back in 2018.

The boys were really good, even though we had to wait awhile for our food. We took turns taking them out to the lobby so they could run around. Kirby has been sick but he is getting over whatever he has had. He ran a fever for 3 days and had a croupy cough that wheezed and rattled in his chest. He had a negative Covid test, thank God, and they also tested him for RSV. The RSV test was negative but the doctor said it still could be RSV. But by Sunday his temperature was normal and his cough was better so he was able to go with us.

When our food finally came the kids split an order of French toast. Leo ate the whipped cream with gusto. Kirby was really hungry and crammed as much french toast as he could in his mouth as fast as possible. The food was good but very rich and the amounts were ridiculous. Who could possibly eat that much food? I got the monkey bread and it was yummy but I only ate half of it. Everyone else was in the same boat.

Then this morning Lee and I took the dogs and rode around on the lake while the housekeepers were here. We rode over to Vann’s in Spring Hill to make sure we knew where to tie up because we’re going there for my birthday on Thursday.

It was beautiful on the lake in the morning. Very calm and quiet, and almost chilly. It’s been so hot neither of us thought of it but we both wished we had brought a sweater!

Then we went into Excelsior and sat outside and had a coffee. I went across the street to The Lakes running store and bought some new running shoes. I knew exactly what I wanted so it didn’t take me long. I talked to the girl that helped me for awhile. There is a local group that does group runs on Saturdays. I wonder if I could possibly run with them? I’m so slow, and I always run/walk, it’s hard to find runners to run with. But it would be fun if it works out.

Traveling Under the Navarre Bridge

Cosmo Has to See What's Happening!

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Grandma's Marathon 2021

Here are my thoughts in the days leading up to Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, and the race itself. It was a wonderful experience, even thought I didn't make my A or B goal. I met the most important goal I had, which was to finish with a smile on my face and a positive attitude! I'm so happy I ran Grandma's again, and conquered the ghost of 2016.

Wednesday June 16th

Three days until Grandma’s. I’m so happy to be running a real live marathon. And I’m also so nervous about it. Will my training be enough? Am I heat adapted enough? Will my intestines behave? So many questions. BUT! I intend to have fun, because if this isn’t fun why in the world would I do it?

I’m starting to carb load. That’s not hard, especially while my weight is so low anyway. I had some pasta at 10 AM today. Then at 12:30 today I had a turkey sandwich on white bread, and then a piece of cherry pie. I drank some electrolyte water this morning and now I’m TRYING to drink more water. That would really be good; if I could hydrate properly in these next few days. For dinner I’ll have some bbq chicken and a baked potato without the skin. And salad from the garden.

Lee is on a business trip and the sprinkler system is being installed today. They REALLY made me angry this morning. They started moving plants without talking to me, ran over a hydrangea, stomped on a baby Solomon Seal. I talked to the owner and made it clear that if any of the plants they touched die he will compensate us. UGH! They also “might” have cut one of the water lines that Lee installed, and they keep leaving the backyard gates open. Fortunately our dogs our old and have no desire to roam, but its just so inconsiderate. Who doesn’t shut a gate after going through it? Rude, ignorant people, that’s who. 

I think they are making progress. I can’t wait to have the system working. Its been so hot, and so dry, and we have all these new plants. Its been awful trying to keep them watered. It will be a relief to have it all magically happen during the night.

I did laundry for Duluth today, tomorrow I’ll pack. I’m terrified I’m going to do something incredibly stupid, like forget my bib, or my running shoes. 

Thursday June 17th

I’m mostly packed. I’ll pack my cosmetics and all that in the morning. I’ve packed my race clothes, my new running shoes, my bib. I ran my second to last run this morning, 5 slow, easy miles. It was hot and steamy out. I've got 3 more miles to run tomorrow morning, then it’s on the road to Duluth I go. 

The weather is looking ok. Sunny, low in the 50’s, high upper 60’s to low 70’s. Dew point in the 40’s so low humidity. Not a lot of wind. Now I just need to keep my head on straight!

The sprinkler system is installed. For the most part it is working as intended, but it’s missing a few spots. The owner is coming over tomorrow to check on it. I think it just needs some adjustments, but every time I talk to the man he starts making excuses or saying “well Lee said….”. Lee will be there when he comes tomorrow as well as me so he better not try that! 

Friday June 18th

This morning I finished packing and headed to Duluth around 10:30. I blew off the last “shake-out” run. The hay is in the barn, as they say. The sprinkler system owner came by and adjusted the heads where needed. We agreed to pay to install one more head to properly reach all of the bed on the east side of the property. I think we’ve got it taken care of. 

It was an easy, uneventful drive to Duluth. I stopped twice in rest areas. The first time I ate lunch, a Turkey sandwich on white bread, some chips, part of a banana. I snacked on a Lara Bar in the car and drank lots of electrolyte water. That’s why I had to stop a second time. I’m trying to focus on hydrating. It will help tomorrow.

I drove straight to the Expo, parked, and went inside. I wandered around, bought a Grandma’s shirt and jacket, and a pint glass. Then I went to get a gear bag. They won’t let you take a bag on the bus this year, you have to drop it off today. It’s so you can have things you think you might need after the race. I put in a jacket, my Oofos sandals and a disposable mask for the bus ride back.

It’s not necessary to wear a mask most places if you are vaccinated but they want you to wear one on the bus since it’s public transportation.

Some of the people I know from the Boston Buddies Facebook group were at the Expo too and I met up with a few of them. We took some silly pictures, and chatted. Eventually I decided that it was time for me to head to my hotel. Tonight is not the night to party! 

I’m in a Hampton Inn in Superior, WI. It’s only about 10 minutes from Duluth. It’s a nice hotel, Hamptons usually are. They have snacks and water bottles in the lobby for the runners. For some strange reason that makes me happy.

I unpacked and ate a frozen spaghetti dinner and some salad from our garden in my hotel room. Now I’m just hanging out, watching golf on TV, crocheting, browsing social media. I bet I go to bed early. I’ll be up at 4:30, then the fun begins!

Saturday June 19th

As predicted I’m up by 4:30, My race clothes are laid out.  I have some coffee. Its always hard for me to eat before a race but I manage to choke down part of a bagel with peanut butter and a few bites of a banana. I get dressed, fill my fuel belt with Nuun sport electrolyte water, stick my 5 gels in a pocket in my shorts. By 6:20 I’m out the door of the hotel, ready to walk to the buses. It turns out the buses are actually parked right across the street from the hotel! How handy!

I put on my disposable mask and hop on the bus. With the mandate lifted thats the only time we have to wear a mask. I sit next to a young lady and strike up a conversation. This is her first marathon and she’s pretty excited and nervous. We talk about race strategies and I discover that she hasn’t figured out how to eat anything during a marathon. I told her to grab some stuff from the people along the course, and try, TRY to get some nutrition down. Nobody runs a marathon without taking in nutrition during the race. She’ll figure it out.

It takes a long time to get to Two Harbors. The bus ride bring back memories, of Boston 2018, when we stared out the windows in semi horror, aghast at the storm raging around us. Of Grandma’s in 2016 when I realized to my chagrin on the bus that I had forgotten my watch. But today is sunny and cool, no rain, little wind, no blazing heat.

Because of Covid the race start is a little difference from usual. They’re doing a rolling start so that people are more spread out. Except for kind of missing the excitement of a gun going off to announce the start of the race, I like it. You can start any time after 7:45 AM. When we get to Two Harbors I head straight for the portapotties and then find a spot where I can do my dynamic warmup routine. As I’m doing my routine the first runners begin, but no matter. I’m on the course by 7:50 anyway. And in the back people are always more spread out so I don’t really notice a difference.

The first hour or so of the race is sunny and a little warm. I'm sweating so I make sure to drink my electrolyte water, and regular water too. After a couple of hours the clouds roll in and it gets a bit cooler. Its still a little warmer than ideal marathon weather but its SO much better than 2016!

I’m using run/walk intervals of run 75 second, walk 30. Close to the beginning a  woman asks me what I’m doing. This always happens! She asks if she can follow along with me, and she does for awhile but eventually my pace is too  speedy for her so she drops back.

I’ve concluded that Grandma’s is not an easy course. There is only one big hill, but there are many little ones. Its almost never flat. There are also a lot of long inclines, the kind that slowly wear you out. And its very curvy since it follows the shore of Lake Superior. I concentrate on running the tangents as much as I can. I have no desire to run more than 26.2 if I can help it! And I end up doing pretty good. I run 26.35.

In retrospect one mistake I made was choosing a pace that was over my head. I wanted to try to beat my time from Chicago 2 years ago, but try as I might I couldn’t maintain that pace for very long during training. I had experimented with slightly slower paces and I would have been better off using one of them and speeding up later if I could. As it was by mile 10 I was slowing down.

I had a lot intestinal issues this training cycle. I think it’s related to my thyroid being out of wack but who really knows? As I practiced in training I took a couple of Pepto Bismol tablets before the race, and again during the race whenever I started to feel my stomach cramping. I ended up taking a LOT of Pepto, maybe 8 tablets total, but it worked, no portapotty stops and I was able to take in all of my nutrition without feeling queasy either. 

By around mile 18 I started to hear this voice in my head. It grew increasingly insistent. “Stop! Why don’t you just stop? Think how nice it would feel to just stop running?” Every time I stopped to walk the voice started up again. Every time my beeper went off telling me it was time to run, mentally I gave a little groan. This was very different from Chicago, where by mile 18 I was feeling increasingly strong and confident that I was going to be able to reach my goal.

Right before mile 21 a woman fell right in front of me. She went head over heels, flailing about, and landed hard, on her face and arm. She held up her wrist and it was obviously broken. I stopped, of course, and so did another woman. “I should call someone,” I said and then paused. “Who should I call?” The other woman said to call 911 so I did. I’ve actually never had to call 911 before!

A man came running up and bent over the woman. He told his kids to run to their house and get some splints. He was an orthopedic surgeon! What are the chances! He took charge of the situation. A van from the race pulled up too. I made sure 911 had her location and I exchanged phone numbers with the surgeon in case 911 called me back, and then I was on my way. I lost 5-6 minutes, and missed my “B” goal, but in a strange way this incident helped me. It gave me a reset, and the voice telling me to stop went away. I had a better perspective and a much better attitude, for the remainder of the race. I remembered that above all I want to reach the end with a smile on my face!

Sometimes I end up passing,and being passed, by the same people over and over because I run/walk. I struck up a conversation with  a guy power walking as fast as I was running. He’d run Grandma’s 45 times, every single race. He said there was one other guy that had run all 45, “but I beat him on time on the course!” Haha. He used to be able to run a sub 3 hour marathon but now he’s happy to run with the 5 hour people like me. I hope I can continue to be happy just to be running for a long, long time.

The only significant hill on the course comes at mile 23. It’s called Lemon Drop Hill. It’s not horrible, but any hill that late in a marathon is tough so I walked it.

There is a lot of construction going on in Duluth this summer, so part of the race was routed up one block. We passed a running store and they were out in force, smiling and waving. At one point along this part they are playing Sweet Caroline, the Boston Red Soxs theme song. I get very emotional all of a sudden and start crying. Sometimes I miss New England so much! And I'm not even a Soxs fan!

The final miles of Grandma’s are cruel. There are so many twists and turns. You know you are close to the finish, but where is it???  I kept thinking it was surely around the next corner, even though I had run the course before. 

Finally there it was. I ran the last half mile as fast as I could, and finished with a smile on my face, just like I promised I would. Right after the finish line my vocal cord disfunction (VCD) kicked in and I couldn’t breath. I bent over and started exhaling forcefully through my teeth, and gradually it went away. A few officials asked me if I was ok and I said yes, even when they pointed out the medical tent. One of them walked with me for a little bit, but I wasn’t going in there, nope! VCD is scary if you don’t know what it is, but the special breathing exercise my speech therapist gave me really does the trick and makes my vocal cords relax and quit choking me.

I got my medal, my heat blanket and a plastic bag. I started filling the bag with all the goodies they have out for runners after a race. I couldn’t eat right away but I knew I would be happy to have all that food pretty soon.

I even stopped and got my picture taken with my medal this time. At Chicago I was so out of it I just walked right through the photographers without stopping, but this time I made sure I didn’t miss the opportunity!

I walk slowly along the waterfront to get my gear bag and find my bus. I’m glad to have the light jacket I put in the bag, but I'm too tired to stop and take off my sneakers and put on my Oofos sandals. I wait to do that until I’m on the bus. There is a post race party going with bands, and beer, but I don’t care about the beer, and I’m too tired for a party anyway. It’s strange how I can go go go until I cross that finish line, and then I can hardly move. 

I ride the bus back to hotel, call Lee and tell him all about the race, eat some of my snacks. Then I take a nice long hot shower. It feels sooooo good! 

I ate dinner at a cute restaurant in Superior called Dolce Vita. The food was good but nothing special. Then afterwards I went to get ice cream at a place called Sweetuns. It was an old fashioned ice cream parlor and candy store. It was cute but the ice cream was marginal. I’m sorry, but Superior is kind of a hole. It seemed largely deserted and very quiet. Although the Wikipedia article on the city gives the impression that it’s a thriving little metropolis, it sure didn’t seem like it to me.  I should have gone back to Duluth for dinner; it was only 4 miles away. Oh well.

All in all I’m very happy about how Grandma’s Marathon turned out. When all is said and done my biggest goal was redemption for the fiasco that was Grandma’s in 2016. I finished with a smile on my face, and really that was the most important thing to me this time. Sure, I didn’t make my “a” goal, which would have been a new PR, but instead I learned a valuable lesson. My training didn’t support that happening. I could never maintain that pace consistently during my tempo runs, and it was no different when marathon day came around. Sometimes miracles do happen, but in general, no. Training doesn’t lie.

I didn’t make my “b” goal either, which would have been to beat my time from Twin Cities in 2018, but sometimes life happens instead. I couldn’t have just kept running when that woman fell. That would have ruined my race too. It was the right thing to do, and I’m glad I did it. And there was another valuable lesson to be had there. I was struggling mentally before that happened, and the little break and the distraction helped me get back on track mentally. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad to have listened to that voice telling me to “STOP!” just a little bit. A short break, maybe a drink of Gatorade or a bite of a piece of candy from a bystander would have helped just as much. It’s something to think about in the future.

I’m going to take it easy for awhile, then run some shorter races in the fall and winter. I’ll probably run San Francisco on my deferment in 2022, and then hopefully do Dopey at WDW again in 2023. Beyond that I don’t know.  I still have lots of bucket list marathons, and I have no intention of stopping while I’m still capable of running 26.2. I think I’m done with Grandma’s however. But you never know, someday I might decide I need to go run Duluth one more time!


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