Monday, May 29, 2023

Sophie at 6 Months

Sophie will be 6 months old on June 3rd. Then on the 6th she’s getting spayed. I’m a little nervous for her; she seems so little, but it's not too early according to the vet and of course we don’t want to take a chance on her going into heat!

She is almost completely potty trained but we still have occasional accidents. It’s seems that now they happen when we have visitors and there is a lot going on. With the nice weather we have the back door open a lot so often she can go in and out as she pleases but she still may get distracted and forget to go outside, and then OOPS! Not unlike a human toddler. But we’re getting there.

She’s IS growing because she can reach things she couldn’t reach a couple of weeks ago. I’ll think I have things safe from her curious little puppy teeth and then, surprise! I’ll find a crochet hook on the floor, or some yarn where it shouldn’t be.

She’s a little thief, just like her mother, apparently. She really likes shoes, my underwear and socks, wash cloths, and toilet paper. Unlike Stella she doesn’t just pile her treasures on the couch, she drags them through the house and chews on them!

We still have to watch her in our little backyard and check on her frequently. She will dig if given a chance (she’s a Westie after all), and she is still very little, only 10 pounds so far. She will gain another 2 to 8 pounds before she is fully grown, and will fill out a lot. She still looks like a puppy.

She needs to fill out some because she keeps getting through the cast iron fence. All winter we had dog fencing around the yard, but now the dog fencing is around the flower gardens so we have had to figure out something else.

We put up nylon netting, but she can get under that. So we used stakes to make that impossible, but we can’t put the stakes at the gate so she was still getting out there. Now we’ve got garden fencing where the gate is and so far that seems to be working.

She’s not really trying to escape, she’s just curious. When she gets out she doesn’t go anywhere, she’s just sniffing around. We have realized that she’s escaped within a minute or two but it’s still scary. It’s a good thing she’s not a determined escapee because if she was we would have to do something else to thwart her. She just needs to grow a little more!

The two older dogs are playing with her a lot more. It’s so much fun to watch them play. They never play as long as she would like but it’s great while it lasts. Tag, wrestling, chase the ball, zoomies. They don’t play tug of war, at least not yet, maybe because she is so much smaller than the other two. I think they would just yank her off her feet!

When Harper was young we went on long walks and hikes too, but the older dogs can’t handle that anymore. I feel kind of bad for Sophie in that respect. We’re all older and so far she’s not getting to have adventures like the other dogs did when they were younger. She did go out to breakfast with us the other morning for the first time. She behaved herself, mostly. And soon she’ll get to go out on the pontoon boat too.

One thing I really like about Sophie is her fearlessness. If something alarms her, a child’s toy, a vacuum, she may just shy away at first but then she comes right back and investigates. She taught herself to use the dog door. She does bark but it’s not too bad. Again, she’s a Westie!


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