Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Hawaii - The Day Before the Wedding

Friday April 22nd - Continued

We got back from lunch and tried to get the boys to nap, but no luck. Finally we gave up and Sarah and I put on our bathing suits and went into the pool area with the boys. Sarah started feeling queasy and before too long she was sick. We thought maybe she inadvertently had an allergic reaction to something in the fish sauce on a poke bowl. She was basically sick for the rest of the day. She’s better this morning, but still not 100%. I went to the grocery store and got her some Gatorade and saltines.

In the evening Mark, Mary, Blake and Joanne came over with carry out Vietnamese. It was great, and it was nice just chatting with them. The little boys slept much better last night. Kirby slept straight through until 5. Leo woke up at 2 but got in bed with mom and dad and went back to sleep. We’re getting there!

Then in the middle of the night Lee got sick too. He and Sarah are insisting that it must be food poisoning and not a gastrointestinal bug of some sort. They are the ones with the sensitive stomachs, and nobody else is sick.

Saturday April 23rd

I can’t believe it is the day before the wedding! Hopefully everyone that is sick recovers quickly and nobody else gets sick.

Late in the  morning we went to Dan and Kelsey’s “Bites on the Beach” event at Moana Alo Beach Park in Waikiki. Sarah really wanted to go but she wasn’t up to it yet and neither was Lee, but the rest of us went.

They had set up a big tent in a picnic area, and had lots of food too. I met a bunch of Kelsey’s uncles, aunts, and cousins. They were all super nice. I will remember their faces but names are hit and miss. Dan and Kelsey seemed happy and pretty relaxed considering. Erik, Kris and Suzanne took the boys to see the ocean. There was a nice lagoon with no waves. Leo went in up to his waist but Kirby wouldn’t go in the water. He probably just thought it was a giant bathtub!

We thought the boys would fall asleep in the car on the way home, but alas. But Sarah was determined to get them to nap so they would be functional for the rehearsal dinner. And after a lot of screaming and crying they both fell asleep.

The rehearsal dinner was great. The food was wonderful and the venue (Roy's Waikiki) did an excellent job. We met Craig’s parents. Craig’s father does floral arrangements and gave us one he had made especially for us. 

The wines I picked out were nice but in retrospect I wish I had chosen a Sauvignon Blanc instead of a Chardonnay. I was trying to please the maximum number of people, but unless it’s dry I just like Sauvignon Blanc’s better. The Pinot was amazing however. 

There were a collection of Asian appetizers, a dumpling, an egg roll, a grilled shrimp and something else that I forget. I ate the dumpling and the shrimp. I was pacing myself. Then a nice salad. It had pickled radishes on it which I thought were kind of weird but Kirby loved them and he ate everybody’s. Then the main course. I had the butterfish and it was wonderful. Then a bread pudding for dessert. Wow!

Sarah and Lee were feeling much better. They were able to socialize but not eat or drink much at all.

I gave a toast. They say not to embarrass your son, but what fun is that? So I told the story of Daniel losing his soap at summer camp and coming home so dirty that we wouldn’t let him in the house until we hosed him off outside. The object was to show how much he has improved over the years, but Kelsey said he still leaves his dirty dishes on the bedside table, at least sometimes.


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