Friday, March 25, 2011


I’m not sure what to call what I have. Cabin fever? Spring fever? Am I stir-crazy or just plain sick of winter?
It’s been snowing off and on all day. It’s not sticking, just a bunch of tired white flakes swirling around. If this was November I’d probably think it was pretty and wish that it would stick, but it’s not. Its March 23rd. It’s cold and grey outside. Much of the snow has melted, but not all. There is still snow on my grass, my flower beds, along the driveway where I planted hundreds of bulbs last fall. As of March 21st, our part of New Hampshire had received 88 inches of snow this winter! It’s really pretty amazing that as much of it has melted as it has. My neighbor was out last weekend hacking at some of the mounds still remaining from where snow was deposited by the plows. I said “I guess you have to do that, or we’ll still have snow in June,” and he nodded in agreement. I was kind of hoping he would argue with me…
One of the bushes in the front, still buried in snow that was shoveled off our roof!

My future garden site is still covered with a tarp. My compost is frozen in its container. I long to go outside, rip the tarp off my garden, turn over the soil, spread compost, put my rabbit fencing back in place. But I must wait.

Wait for the sun. Wait for the ice on the lake to melt. Wait for the last vestiges of snow along the driveway to disappear. 

New Hampshire seems to be holding its breath. Many people have left their Christmas decorations up all winter. The snow became so deep that it became dangerous to try to prop up a ladder to take them down. Now they remain; sad little reminders of a long-past holiday. Maybe they’ll be down by Easter!

I have started seeds inside. Eggplant, basil and a new attempt this year – brussel sprouts. I bought a grow light too, so the little plants are doing splendidly. It’s cheering to visit them each morning and watch how much they grow each day. I think I may end up needing a cold frame, because it is quite possible that they will be ready for transplanting before the ground is ready for them. That’s fine, because Lee is eager to build me one!
Brussel Sprouts

The squirrels know that spring is coming and so do the ducks. The squirrels are everywhere, madly retrieving their winter stashes. It’s driving Harper crazy. She knows that she could catch one, if only they would hold still for a minute!    The mallards and Canadian geese are all over the lake, nesting and swimming wherever the ice has disappeared. We have a little vernal pool next to our driveway that has been commandeered by a nesting pair of mallards. When it’s relatively warm and sunny they can be seen there, swimming around and enjoying themselves. But on a cold and windy day like today they are nowhere to be seen. I wonder where they go?
Our little vernal pool. No ducks today - too cold!

But there are lots of ducks on the lake, where-ever the ice has melted!

I can’t help but be optimistic, though. The weather forecast for the next several days includes sunshine, if not warmth. I’m sure that will help my stir-craziness a little!


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