Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 7 2011 - Din Tai Fung and Chinatown

Good news! I now have a converter plug for my camera memory card so I can add some pictures to these blog posts.

August 7 2011 - on Saturday we were mostly lazy, but we did go to Din Tai Fung, heaven on earth for dim sum lovers. The Din Tai Fung in KL is in the Mid City Mega Mall, an immense mall, even by Asian standards. The most interesting thing to me in the mall were the shops with fashions for muslim women. Malaysian Muslim ladies don't wear burkhas, but they do dress modestly, with knee-length long-sleeved tops, long pants, and scarves that cover their hair. But the scarves and tops are patterned and colorful. It kind of made me happy to see them being able to express themselves with fashion within the confines of their religion.

This morning I slept until almost 7am. This was very good for my jet lag, but not so great for my morning run. Actually it really wasn't that bad. My long run was "only" four miles. I'm of course not acclimated at all yet to the heat, and this neighborhood is very hilly, so I ran very slowly, and except for being very sweaty by the end it wasn't too bad.

We decided to go explore Chinatown today. KL's Chinatown is not very Chinese. We visited a mosque, wandered through Malaysian hawker stands, and admired the art deco and colonial buildings in their crumbling grandeur. I only saw one or two signs in Chinese, and the only Cantonese I heard was in the taxi on the way there on the radio!

We thought about eating at the hawker stands, but this isn't Singapore and it just looked extremely unsanitary to me. Instead we opted for a restaurant called The Old China Cafe, which served primarily Malaysian food. I got a coconut curry dish that included fried anchovies, chili sauce, cucumbers and half a boiled egg. It was different, but very good. After that we were ready to return to the apartment. After all, we have all month to explore this place!

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