Friday, August 12, 2011

August 12 2011 A Little More Melaka

Okay, I've had it with this hotel. This morning Lee didn't need to be anywhere early so we took it easy (well yes after a workout at the gym), ate a leisurely breakfast, and got ready for our particular activities. Last night my plan to stroll along the river and try some real Melakan food failed miserably. It was virtually deserted, which of course felt unsafe, and after walking for 20 minutes I realized that it was far too far to walk in the stifling Melakan heat. I spent about 45 minutes walking about, trying to look all purposeful and alert, and getting absolutely nowhere. I ended up back at the hotel, had a stupid salad for dinner, and went to bed annoyed and grumpy.

So this was my last chance. The plan was to store my bags, get a taxi, tour a museum, find some authentic food. But of course first I have to get in the elevator, and that's where my plan ran into a wrinkle. The elevator wasn't working. We call the front desk, and they say they are working on it. Fifteen minutes or so go by. We call again. People are tromping up the stairs, but that doesn't appeal to me. Lee tells them to bring a bell hop. The bell hop arrives when the elevator starts working again. They take my bags up to the club floor, only to find out I can't store my bags there. So I take my bags down to the lobby and finally get them stored.

I get a taxi and off we go. He gets me close, but doesn't really know what I'm talking about when I say I want to go to the Baba Nyonya Museum. What is it with this town? But I find the museum just fine on my own and get there just as a tour is starting.

The Baba Nyonya Museum is a real Melakan house, built by some of the first settlers of Melaka, Chinese men and Malay women. It's actually three very narrow houses put together. It's filled with interesting antiques and our guide is good; she knows the house's history very well. I'm happy to be in a group of American and Chinese tourists. I make friends with the Americans, who live in KL, and we may make plans to meet later this month, maybe at the Batu Caves in KL.

The Chinese are kind of cute. I'm assuming they're from the mainland, because they are speaking Mandarin. It's funny, I can't speak Cantonese or Mandarin but I know what they sound like. Only a few of them speak English, so they are translating for the others, so sometimes there's is a delayed bit of laughter as the tour guide's jokes get to them a little late.

After the museum I wander around the streets of the historic district for a little bit. I go into antique stores and see nice skirts and blouses made with traditional Malaysian batik, but I know I won't wear it so I resist. I do buy some batik quilted pot protectors and a funny hat / fan. Oh heck, I've got to do SOME touristy things!

Then it's time to find a place to eat. I settle on a little Chinese restaurant called Nancy's Kitchen that serves Baba-Nyonya food, which is a mixture of Chinese and Malaysian Crusine. I choose a Nyonya laksa, which is Malaysian curry. It's very good, and a whole lot better than the crap I've been eating at the hotel!

Well now I'm stuffed and sitting in the lobby, waiting for a car to come and take me back to KL. I have to go by myself, since Lee has to work until late this afternoon and I don't want to wait that long.

I think Melaka has a lot to offer, and there is more I'd like to see and taste here, but I think next time we should skip the Renniassance and stay at the Majestic Hotel instead.

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  1. I'm so happy I found your blog. Bob told me about it as well, Steffen Hedlund



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