Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sailing Day Three

Monday dawns bright and beautiful. The fog is gone and we can see the little island of Cuttyhunk clearly. What a cute little place! It's hard to believe that the day before we couldn't see a thing.

We have a long way to go today; all the way to Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard. We decide to just motor until we get through Quick's Hole, the nearest passageway between Buzzard's Bay and Vineyard Sound. We check the tide tables, because we don't want to go through the hole when the current is going against us, or when the current is with us, but going at full tilt. The median point between full ebb and flow is best. There isn't much wind, so that isn't a factor, and we're getting more confident about navigation. I know how to find our direction on the chart, and set a bearing on the compass.

We make it through the hole without incident. Once we are clear of the land it's time to raise the sails. But guess what? There's almost no wind. We end up turning on the motor and motor-sailing, because otherwise at less than 2 knots it would take us all day to reach our destination.

But it's a beautiful day. The sun is bright and hot, and puffy clouds decorate the sky. We see lighthouses, wind turbines, big yachts and fishing boats. The few sailboats we see are all motor-sailing, just like us. Oh well.

Past Vineyard Haven we find our destination, the tiny harbor of Oak Bluffs. We have a slip reserved here for two nights. That means shore power, showers, and a day off the boat, exploring the Vineyard. Lee and I have been here many years ago, before we were married. We took the ferry from Woods Hole and rented bikes for a day. But that was 34 years ago and things have changed. There are many more cars, people and tourist shops, it seems. Well, we're ready to be tourists instead of sailors for a day; at least I am!

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