Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sailing Day Four - Bicycles and Bluefish

Tuesday was our off day; no sailing for us. The plan was biking and fishing, biking for Lee, Mary, Harper and I; fishing for Mark, Blake and Elsa. We got one of those kiddie carts that attach behind a bike for Harper, and off we went.

Thirty-four years ago, when Lee and I spent a day on Martha's Vineyard, we rented bikes. I can't remember exactly where we went. I remember winding country lanes, sunny skies, and that's about it.

The first difference we noted was the traffic. There are so many more cars now than there were back then. Some places we could find bike routes that made our ride much more pleasant, but some places there was no choice except to share the road. Fortunately drivers on Martha's Vineyard are used to bikes.

We rode from Oak Bluffs to Vineyard Haven, and part of the way to Edgartown. The big tire bike ride smoothly. Harper is a good sport about the cart. She watches all the activity as we ride by, and charms everyone that she passes.

In Vineyard Haven we find a shady park, perfect for letting Harper chase a ball and play. At first she is happy to run madly after the ball and bring it back to be thrown again. But then she suddenly either sees or smells something and off she goes! This is not a very big park, but there is a street, and cars off to one side. Harper crosses the street, with me close behind. "Come Harper! Harper come! Harper! HARPER!!" She's not completely ignoring me, but she isn't coming either. Finally she decides that she is ready to be a good dog, and comes to me, wagging her little white tail. It's very hard not to yell at her like an errant child, but that will do no good with a dog. I tell her what a good dog she is, and gives her a treat, but it's back on the leash for her.

We mosey back to Oak Bluffs. In the meantime, Mary has been texting the fishermen. It's sounds like they have had a good day. Blake has caught a 12 pound bluefish and we have our dinner for tonight. The others had strikes, but nothing landed. They had fun though.

A peaceful dinner by candlelight in the cockpit completes a very pleasant day. Tomorrow we head to Woods Hole and Hadley's Harbor, and what may be a challenging passage. We have to check the tide tables carefully, and watch for fog. The ebb tide is at around 3:15 pm, so we plan to head through the hole around two, visibility permitting. We'll see how much we have learned in the past four days!

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