Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sailing Day One

To get our sailboat, We drove to Fair Haven, a small port south of Boston on Buzzard's Bay. Our first task, besides loading and checking out the boat, involves educating everyone on sailing basics. Lee has taken the cruising course, and has been to most of our destinations before. I have taken the beginning sailing course, but the only experience anyone else has is lake sailing years ago with us in Missouri. Navigation in Buzzard's Bay is not really hard, but you do have to pay attention. There are lots of little islands, rocks and obstructions, and tides and currents. As soon as we feel fairly comfortable, we set out on our first sail.

We sailed to south Dartmouth, the New Bedford Yacht Club. To pick up a mooring here we have to get on the VHS radio on channel 68 and hail the yacht club. There are all kinds of things that I've never really learned to do on a boat, and using the radio is one of them. But with a little instruction I managed to hail the yacht club and request a mooring ball. For some reason this makes me fell more like a real sailor.

I'm on a boat with two excellent cooks, that are vieing with each other for what meal they can entertain us with next. We have Monk Fish and edamame and artichoke salad and roasted fingerling potatoes for our first meal. Pretty good for eating on a boat!

I take Harper for a walk before dinner. The town of South Dartmouth is just as cute as can be, and everyone seems to love Westies. Harper is so happy to see grass and go for a walk. She's happy to be on a boat, she's happy to be off a boat. We just have to watch out for seagulls. They've become her new squirrels.

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