Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long Island and New York City

Brunch is on a rainy Brooklyn street. I’m totally lost, so unfortunately I can’t tell you the name of the street or the restaurant. We meet their son Roland. He is in his mid-thirties. Went to Oberlin, worked as a sound engineer for many years but is now going back to school to become a physical therapist. He’s of course a very nice man, what would you expect from any offspring of Chris and Adrian?

In the afternoon the introverts beg off any social activity and crawl off for a bit of solitary time. That night its sushi at a Long Island family restaurant.

The next day we bid goodby to Chris and Ad for a couple of days and take the train into the city. I can finally run this morning and not feel like I’m dieing . That 15 miles in the heat really did a number on me.

We are staying at a boutique hotel named The Library, at 41st and Madison Avenue. Its very close to Grand Central, the New York Public Library (duh!) and Bryant Park. Cute as can be, each room is an entry in the Dewey Decimal System. We are in 300.006, Law, so all the books in the room are law books. Funny. We go for cocktails on the rooftop bar, and then for dinner at a place called Sushi Yasuda. This is heavenly sushi, better than anything we’ve had since Tokyo. We are happily bossed around by the sushi chef. I have the best piece of mackeral since Toyko. Everything is just fantastic! He tells us the sushi rice is vital to each taste…gives me a piece without rice, then with and I understand. It’s the contrast in flavors.

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