Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Berkshires and The Catskills

The moon rising over Tanglewood

Tanglewood is beautiful and dreamy. We have a picnic dinner and sit on the lawn back from the stage, among the trees. Its almost cold, I wrap myself in one of the blankets, letting the music wash over me. The Rober Morris Dancers perform odd dances to the music of Hayden, Stravinsky, Beethoven and Charles Ives. Yo Yo Ma can certainly get an amazing sound from a cello!

The next day we get up and I go for a run. They have a triangle route (go left, then rightrightright) and the weather is absolutely perfect. Then its time to say goodbye and head to the Catskills to visit Eugenie and Ken. Its hard to say goodbye to Chris and Adrian…we’ve had such a fantastic time and who knows how long it will be before we see each other again?

The area in the Catskills (Durhan, NY) where Eugenie and Ken live is very similar to the Berkshires, but looks older. We eat dinner with Eugenie and Kenny, but we are staying in a funky little b&b only two miles from their house, called the Deer Watch Inn. And, when we drive back there that night there ARE deer to watch on their lawn. Better their lawn than ours!

Flowers in Eugenie's Garden

On Saturday we participate in an art project that Euge is working on. She makes paper sculptures. She has created a piece of paper with rope entwined in it, and set it to drying in the sun. The way the sculpture will dry is affected by changes in tempurature and air. It will change shape as it dries. We all have an opinion about how it would work out best. We didn’t get to see the finished product. I hope Eugenie sends me a picture of it!

We go to the nearby town of Hudson, NY and walk around, looking at the little shops,fulled with antiques and art galleries. That night we eat at a great place called Ruby’s Hotel and Restaurant in Freemont, another nearby town. This area is just filled with little towns, all 10 miles or so apart.

This has been just the best vacation. This morning its home again to Texas. We will have 3 days in the heat before its off to Portland, Daniel, and running a half marathon with Sarah.

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  1. Charming and wonderful as always. Looks like a great place not only to recharge you body but your spirit!



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