Friday, July 29, 2022

Glamping Part II - Happy July 4th and 5th!

Monday July 4th

It rained all night long, but everyone was warm and dry and by 7 am it had stopped. The boys came over again for breakfast, actually everyone did, eventually. We had almost all 8 of us in the RV at one point, more or less!

Then we went into town to go fishing. I felt bad leaving the dogs so I said I would be responsible for them. So while everyone else fished from the town dock I took the dogs on a walk around the town.

When we got back they had had success. Leo caught 2 fish and Lee caught some as well. Kirby doesn’t quite get the concept.

We came back to the resort for lunch. We ate sandwiches and various snack things in the screen tent. It started to rain a little again, so the boys headed off to their tent to nap and everyone else headed to their tents and RVs for quiet time. 

I went into town for coffee but the little coffee wagon was closed, so I got coffee ice cream at Granny’s Pantry instead. It was pretty good. Later when the boys woke up everyone else went into town for ice cream too. I stayed back and kept the dogs company. I’m feeling a little sorry for them, they can see us, but we’re mostly hanging out a little apart from them and they like to be with their people!

When they got back Daniel had poppers and he showed the little boys how to do them. They tried throwing them but they mostly couldn’t throw them hard enough in the grass. Stomping on them worked; so did throwing them against trees. He had also bought a couple strobes. They set one of them off and Leo jumped up and down with excitement. 

Then Lee had another treat for them. He had bought water toys that’s were imitation fire equipment. One had water tanks in a backpack and a hose, the other was a pump action water gun. The pump was kind of hard for Kirby to do, also he liked to spray Leo but cried if he got sprayed. Poor kid, he was pretty tired.

It was Sarah and Erik’s turn to make dinner. The sun finally came out and it suddenly got hot. We tried putting up a sheet to block the sun in the screen tent but because the sheet was dark it absorbed the heat and made it even hotter. We ended up setting up a buffet in the screen tent and moving another picnic table into the shade to eat.

Sarah and Erik decided to drive back that night. The tents were hot and Erik needed to work a little tomorrow. Then Daniel and Kelsey decided to do the same thing. We stayed, but we turned on the aircon in the RV.

Tuesday July 5.

Time to go home, but first I need to run 6 miles. This time I ran on the trail toward town. This way the trail goes through corn fields and past a small air field, and then along the shore of the lake. I ran as far as the public beach and then turned around.

It was crazy humid, enough that running into the wind actually felt good. I finished, took my shower and we were packed up and on our way home by 9:30. 

It was a nice trip, in spite of the weather. If we could get everyone on board I think it would be fun to get a cabin on the north shore of Lake Superior next year. Only thing, you have to book them 6 months to a year in advance. That might be more planning than some people could stand!

Wednesday July 6

We had one more day with Daniel and Kelsey before they headed out on further adventures. We took the boat over to Wayzata for dinner. It was a beautiful night, calm and peaceful on the lake. We're sorry to see them go but we'll see them in just a few weeks in San Francisco!

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