Saturday, March 26, 2022

San Francisco 2022 - Part II

Friday evening, back in San Francisco, we went to Japantown for ramen. We went here several years ago on a visit, before Covid. The ramen place is really great, and very popular. When we put our name on the list they said the wait was 90 minutes, but it actually didn't take that long. While we were waiting we walked around Dario, a typical Japanese "general" store, which means they carry a little bit of almost anything you could possible imagine. Dan and Kelsey bought a couple of ramen bowls and some rice bowls and I found some tapestry needles so I can weave in the yarn ends as I crochet!

On Saturday, March 5th, the plan is to do Section 3 of the Cross City Hiking Trail, the one that does a lot of steps. We stop in the Tenderloin for croissants to eat along the way. Then we take the metro to Forest Hill and away we go, high above the city, lots of steps, gorgeous views. The highest point is a park at the top of Mount Sutro where you have a 360 degree view of San Francisco, almost as high as Twin Peaks. 

Then down we go to see the the tile mosaic steps. Somehow we are lucky and there aren’t a lot of other people on the steps so it’s possible to take lots of pictures. They really are amazing. Up close there are so many little details, but if you stand back a little each flight is a picture of something wonderful, flowers, birds, butterflies, the sun, the moon and stars, even a giant lizard!

Because we gobbled up the croissants on our hike nobody is hungry for lunch. I’m actually worried that I won’t be hungry for dinner but that's not a problem! Lee had found a place called Causewell’s that was supposed to have the best burgers anywhere. We were going to sit inside but when we get there they have massive heaters outside so we put Kelsey close to one of them and we’re fine outside. My tummy is out of sorts so I opt for chicken, risotto and broccoli which hits the spot. I think my tummy was upset because I hadn’t eaten anything except croissants all day! Everyone else had burgers which they said were fine but not spectacular.

On Sunday, March 6th, Kelsey makes us pancakes for breakfast. She is an excellent pancake maker. I have two….and then one more….and then just one more. Thank you Kelsey!

We meet Kelsey’s friend and wander over to the Ferry Building where they are having a maker’s fair. The only booth that really delighted me was one where a woman had made all kinds of flowers, plants and FOOD out of crochet. Her daughter said she had designed them herself. I was so impressed. I should have gotten her card. 

We got some coffee and then went to the entertainment space next to Dan and Kelsey’s apartment building. A band was playing New Orleans music. It was the last day of mardi gras and almost lent. People had beads, and some people were dancing. We sat at a table a little ways off and just chatted and enjoyed the sunshine. Dan & Kelsey pointed out their apartment. You could tell which one it was because of the giant TV in the window. The windows take up two walls in the living room and kitchen. We couldn’t see a tv in anyone else’s window. I wonder where other people put theirs?

We had carry out chinese for dinner. It took a long time to be ready,  1.5 hours. Dan and Kelsey are disappointed in the food. They say its not as good as it used to be. I think it tastes just fine, but then I’m judging against typical midwestern chinese fare, not San Francisco standards.

We’ve had a great visit, but we miss the dogs and its time to go home. I don’t miss the weather however! Back in Minnesota, on Tuesday I run 5 miles and its 19F with a windchill of 4F. And its very very icy on the trail so its back to spikes, and even with the spikes I have to be careful. I was the only runner I saw, but it was kind of late. 

In 6 weeks we’ll be on our way to Hawaii! I can’t wait!

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