Friday, May 15, 2020

Coronavirus Diary - April 21st - 30th

April 21st Tuesday

This is what’s on my mind. With a few states’ governor intent on opening their states back up, what makes anyone think that their upcoming problems are going to stay home? If people from those states travel they with bring their infections with them. That’s what so infuriating about the current situation where the lack of coordination at the federal level has states bidding against each other for vital supplies to combat the pandemic. We are all in this together and we are only as strong as our weakest link. So if Georgia lifts their safe at home order and opens up businesses too early it affects us all.

The other thing that makes me crazy is the lack of testing. We have no idea who has cv 19, who has recovered, who is at risk. The numbers reported are just the tip of the iceberg. 

April 23rd Thursday

Yesterday Minnesota’s governor announced a partnership with a private testing agency and the Mayo Clinic to start providing 20,000 coronavirus tests a day in our state, including the antibody tests. Once they are available I’m definitely going to get an antibody test. For one thing, if I do have immunity to CV 19 that gives me more freedom and confidence in the outside world, and maybe I can be useful in some way.

No we’re not supposed to be doing this, the shelter in place order has not been lifted. But we’ve decided to combine our family units for the purpose of the quarantine. We are all severely limiting our touches with the outside world. If anyone goes to the grocery store they will ask the others if they need anything. And except for walks (and runs) we’re not going anywhere else, especially if we can figure out how to get it delivered.

It was so very very nice to see them all. Sarah is really doing well. Kirby is almost 4 weeks old, a very content little baby. He eats, he sleeps, he makes grunty noises and repeat. We all held him, he ate, he slept. He’s beautiful!

Leo has changed a little. His vocabulary has really increased and you can have little conversations with him. Lee got out the tub with the brio train-set. It also has a wooden truck that has a trailer and logs and Leo found that right away. Before we left for Florida he couldn’t put the trailer on the truck but now he can and he played with it for much of the time that they were here. He sat on the couch with Lee and read a book, one that didn’t catch his interest before we left. He seems to have named both me and Suzanne Meemaw, but we’ll see if that sticks.

We sat around chatting. Lee made tomato soup and chicken salad sandwiches for lunch. Sarah brought us some carrot cake and left with chocolate chip cookies and some banana bread. 

Next week we are going to start watching Leo on Monday and Tuesday mornings. Suzanne will watch him two other mornings during the week because Erik is going back to work full-time (while still working from home). Except for the part where I will have to get up very early so that I can get my run in before its time to pick up Leo, I can’t wait! I expect that we will be doing this for several months, since I think it will be awhile before they feel comfortable sending Leo back to daycare. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

April 26th Sunday

Yesterday I ran 10 miles at “long run” pace, which for me is between 12:10 and 13:40 mpm. I averaged 13 mpm so that’s very good. There were plenty of people out on the rail trail, most of them social distancing very nicely but a few just being oblivious and rude. There was one group of around 6 people that didn’t move over at all as I approached. I had to go way into the weeds in order to get around them. As I passed I said “you know you are making it very difficult to follow social distancing guidelines!” They looked surprised, like huh? I was angry.

But most of the run was good. Beautiful weather, 40’s and 50’s, sunny. The paces feel harder than they should but as the training progresses they should start to feel easier. I hope so anyway!

Friday night I zoomed with the Westie girls for awhile. It was nice hanging out. I wish I had planned better; my manhattan cocktail was gone before the chat started. Then I watched more episodes of Friday Night Lights. I’ve become obsessed with that show. Its not going to take me very long to get through the 5 seasons. 

Last night we had pizza delivered from Joey Nova’s. I tried to order it Friday night but their phone system was overloaded and I couldn’t get through. So last night Lee called them really early, like 4:30, and we warmed the pizza back up in the oven when we were ready to eat. 

This morning we got carry out brunch from Bellecour. Their system worked great. Ordered the night before online. Drove up. Called them, they came out wearing a mask and called my name. I took my order wearing my mask. Perfect! It was delicious too. We have a lot of leftover pastry, but that’s not a bad thing!

I’m on my last mask. Then I guess I can’t put off upgrading the memory on my mac anymore. I’m afraid I’ll break it. Fingers crossed!

Monday April 27th. 

I went to pick up Leo and he was ready to GO! I think the guy has cabin fever! I looked at Kirby sleeping peacefully before we left. He had been doing tummy time and fell asleep on his tummy. Sarah was a little concerned but I said as long as you are watching him its ok. He’s so sweet.

I had rummaged through a box of Dan’s old toy’s and found the Furby, some wooden snakes and a cool toy Porsche. Leo glommed on to the Porsche right away. He played with it the entire time. We went out in the back yard for awhile. I moved the fence so that we could use the patio and hauled out the adirondack chairs and Leo’s chair too. We sat in the chairs for a little while. We went on the screened porch and Leo sat at the table and played with a screw and some brackets that Lee had out for mounting the heater. It doesn’t take much! 

I asked him what he wanted for lunch and he said pizza! He was in luck since we had leftover pizza from Joey Nova’s. He ate a slice of pizza, an orange, some milk and a cookie. He declared it all yummy!

When Sarah came over last week Leo fell asleep in the car on the way home so this time we ate lunch at 11:15 so Lee could take him home a little earlier. Apparently they told knock knock jokes in the car and that kept him engaged. They got as far as “knock knock. Who’s there? Banana!” Lee had to say all the lines, but Leo thought it was hilarious. Jokes for 2 year olds.

Tuesday April 28th. 

Sarah came over and hung out with us all day. It was a really, really nice day. I got up super early to get my run in and she was here by 9:30 and didn’t leave until almost 5 pm. Leo is so good at entertaining himself. He played with the Porsche and the toy phone, and then helped Lee cook. He made matzo ball soup and charoses for lunch, from things he had bought for the seder that never was. Leo had the charoses on matzo and declared it all very yummy. The grownups thought the charoses was a little too sweet; Lee tried a fancy recipe. I thought it would have been better if we had had some horseradish root with it.

After lunch Sarah took Kirby and ran an errand and we put Leo down for a nap. He had trouble settling down, played for a long time and only slept a little bit. Sarah thinks it was because he really hasn’t slept anywhere except at home for a month, since he stopped going to daycare. 

I worked on a mask while Leo slept. When he woke up he “mopped” the floor (he loves to clean), and helped Lee cook dinner. They made chicken tajine, and Sarah took half of it home with her. Then Leo played some elaborate game with the bear and the headphones, and eventually put the bear down for a nap with a blanket and a pillow.

Kirby was the most alert I have seen him (he is one month old today). He still mostly eats, sleeps and poops but we walked around and stared at lights and windows and faces. I think his eyes are starting to focus and he’s almost smiling. He is an amazingly good baby! We did some tummy time with him. He is VERY strong, and doesn’t hate tummy time nearly as much as Leo did. 

Leo has taken to calling ALL his grandparents Meemaw, including Lee. Its pretty funny. “Which meemaw Leo?” “That meemaw,” he replies, pointing. This could get pretty confusing!

April 30

Yesterday was a very satisfying day. I successfully upgraded the memory on my iMac. I went from 4 gb to 20 and it’s noticeably faster. I also fixed the “this website was reloaded because a problem occurred “ error by reinstalling Safari. 

I’ve decided I can make one more mask, I just need to find a scrap of T-shirt material. I should have something that will work in my cleaning rags. Then I’ll donate what I have and stop for awhile. I’m going to need a new project. I do like to sew, but the masks are kind of boring. What else could I make?

In another month we’ll have a bunch of plants to put in the rain garden. The inch of rain we got on Monday filled it up and now it’s got standing water in it. Lee is thinking about temporarily putting a pump in it to drain the water until the plants are established so they won’t drown. They all like water but not a flood.

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