Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Welcome to Waconia! Sunday May 6 2018

We’ve only been here a few days, but most of the boxes that we intend to unpack are unpacked, the furniture is in its place, and we can cook in the kitchen. We’ve ordered more dog fencing and the dogs are getting settled. I’m figuring out where to run, in hilly hilly Waconia. And we’ve even gone over to Sarah and Erik’s and gotten to see Leo.

View From the Deck

Our neighborhood is not a place I would ever have chosen, but its kind of fun to be living in a very different situation from what we are used to. We are in a little subdivision with cookie-cutter houses. The houses are not bad, they’re BIG and there are lots of families, dogs and children and not much privacy. People hang out together and children are playing all over the place. Cosmo is unnerved by all the dogs and stands at the door to the deck and barks and growls. I hope he gets used to it soon. He still has to wear his belly band, but hopefully in a week or so we’ll be able to take it off as long as we are home.

Poor Cossy!

We are figuring out where the grocery store, the hardware store, the drugstore, the post office are located. Today we tried out the huge dog park in Victoria. We paid the $45 annual fee and it will be well worth it so the dogs have a chance to run off leash. Its even bigger than the one in Florida. The dogs had a great time and I felt happy. Hopefully we’ll be able to make a little fenced area for them soon that isn’t sopping wet all the time. 

We Made the dogs a play area in the front, where its not so wet.

My office is organized. I can sit at my desk and watch the kids playing. Lee is working on my workout space in the basement. We’re getting there, making this place a home, at least for awhile.

Things with the house building are kind of stressful right now. Our contractor’s estimate is so very high…things are booming right now, thats part of the problem, and Minneapolis is just a very expensive place to build. Lee is working hard on getting the expenses down any way he can but its still way over our budget. So next week he’s going to go talk to a bank and we’re probably going to have a small mortgage after all. Its too bad but we really have no choice.

Then there’s the fun with the town of Shorewood. Lee has been in close contact with the town engineer since before we bought the property. Last week she mentions off hand, oh by the way, you have an undersized lot, you need a variance to build on it! We’re both flabbergasted and more than a little annoyed and alarmed. She’s reassured us that it won’t be a problem, and it better not be! It would have been nice if someone had said something when we were buying the property. So Lee has to go before the planning board and they don’t meet again until the first Tuesday in June. That’s the other thing. The way things are going we’re not going to get started until July. We could very well be here in Waconia for awhile!

Its going to be a nice place to build a house, eventually!

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