Friday, June 12, 2009

Tom Faulkner Paintings

Last week I went over to a new friend’s house for coffee. We had a good time chatting and she gave me a tour of their home. I kept being distracted by these amazing paintings that were everywhere, on almost every wall of their house. Finally I said “I really love these paintings! Who is the artist and where did you get them?” She told me that a very good friend of theirs created them. He recently passed away (this past winter I believe). She said he was a very talented person with all sorts of different abilities. The paintings were completed in the last couple of years of Mr. Faulkner’s life. He used acrylic paints, very thickly applied, so that it took them very long to dry. He would set the painting outside and let the elements affect the final results.

Sometimes they would be rained upon.

Sometimes the sun would bake them.

And one painting even has the residue from being buried in snow!

I just thought they were beautiful. I’ve tried to find him on Google, without any luck. He wasn’t a professional artist, but he certainly could have been. His friends are hoping to be able to get a gallery somewhere to do a show of his art. I hope they are successful and that he gets some recognition for his amazing work.

Thank you Kathy for allowing me to take photographs of your beautiful paintings and publish the results on my blog!

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  1. Lynn, please tell Kathy that I too have enjoyed the work of Mr. Faulkner and most importantly that he allowed nature to improve his great work into matserpieces. I just love that thought! I can sit and picture you having a tall glass of ice tea with Mr. Falkner as he paints or just as you wander among his paintings and that makes me smile. Thank you Mr. Faulner - your art lives on postumously and is greatly enjoyed.

    Have had trouble posting back at you Lynn lately for some reason but I certainly hope this one goes thru. ............Leslie



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