Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Ha!

I've captured the deer...yesterday afternoon a regular playgroup of fawns was in our neighbor's yard, so I crept out on the deck and shot these pictures. Still having trouble figuring out the correct light setting though - our yard is incredibly shady!

Here's the playgroup. I don't know why there were three of them today. They can't possibly all belong to the same mother!

Here's one of them staring at me. The babies were scared of me; the mama couldn't care less!

Here's one of the babies with the mama.

Lots of yummy grass to eat in my neighbor's yard. Now, you all just stay away from MY plants!

I was going for a walk yesterday morning and saw some deer in the yard of one of my neighbors. They were agitated and I soon realized why - one of the deer was actually INSIDE a tall iron wrought fence! "Wow", I thought, "How did he get in there?" The fence was very high, higher than a deer can jump. I kept walking slowly, watching the situation with interest. And then I realized that there was something else in the picture - there was a woman in the back yard as well. And guess what she was doing - feeding that d*mn deer! She must have let him into that yard. Some people have no sense.

Okay, enough on deer...!

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  1. Amazing photos! What a view to go with your Sunday morning coffee.



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