Thursday, October 17, 2019

Alaska 2019 Part III - Glacier Bay

Thursday morning we wake groggily to spectacular views. There is a glacier right outside our window! We go to breakfast in the Garden Cafe and watch the glacier, mountain goats, ice floes. I walk around the boat taking pictures. What a morning. Pictures hardly do it justice. I haven't used my camera very much since we moved to Minnesota but this makes me wish I had a better long lens.

Later in the day I go to the thermal spa again. Afterwards I go get my charm of the day, which is a heart. I'm not very interested in buying much in the way of souvenirs this trip, but they got me with the charm bracelet. You buy the bracelet and get 5 free charms with it. Then if you buy a charm every day of the cruise you get another free charm at the end. The charms are cute, and a lot of them have a nautical theme. There is a flower, a ship, a wheel, a heart, a paw....

In the afternoon we hang out by the pool with our friends for awhile. It’s a beautiful sunny day, warm in the sun. I never do actually get in the water outside. The water is heated but the air is just too chilly. I never manage to get into one of the many hot tubs on the boat either. After all, I have the spa!

Amy D has arranged for all of us to get our pictures taken on the stairwell in the atrium. We get one with almost all 33 people in our group, then one with just the WEC and their husbands, then one with just the women. 

Then some of us decide to go to the Manhattan Room together. We stop for a pre dinner drink in the casino and watch some friends play a strange machine that pushes tokens to a ledge. If they fall off they can grab them and play them again. There are bundles of paper money too, but somehow they never fall through the chute. It’s mesmerizing to watch though. 

At some point we hear an announcement. Someone on the boat has fallen ill and we have to make an emergency detour to get them medivaced out. We are going to get into Ketchikan 2 hours later than planned so that’s going to impact our fishing trip. 

After dinner I watch Stephanie play blackjack for a little while. She's pretty good! It’s fun to watch but soon it’s time for bed.

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