Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sailing Buzzards Bay August 2017 - Jamestown and Newport


Time for laundry (thanks Bob and Beth!), dog walks, and a six mile run for me. This little island is hilly! I get a good workout, Lee buys us fish for tonight. Lunch will be in Newport. There's a darling little ferry but its costs $28 per person round trip so we're going to take an Uber instead.

Off to Newport with a very talkative Uber driver. It's not what I expect. Yes there are hundreds of ginormous yachts and sailboats. Yes there are beautiful old houses overlooking Narragansett bay. But I thought it would be more like a large Marblehead, refined, quiet, understated wealth. But it's pretty touristy, and on a Saturday very crowded.

Our lunch is at Midtown Oyster Bar. Good oysters from Duxbury, expensive drinks. Beth gets a lobstah roll, Lee and Bob get soft shell crab sandwiches. I get a hamachi poke, thinking it would come with rice, but no, it's just a small bowl of deliciously flavored fish. Lee exclaims that his lunch is way too much for him to eat, so I'm glad to help him out. I eat half his sandwich and many of his fries.

Back in Jamestown it's quiet and peaceful, more our speed. Lee and I take the dogs for a walk and then sit around at a table outside a little deli, drinking coffee, talking, people-watching. This is one of my favorite parts about cruising, soaking up the local flavor of the little towns along the coast.

We have fresh tuna steaks for dinner on the boat. We are ready to relax for the night when the holding tank's light starts flickering on. Uh-oh. We could try to make it until morning but with four we go to get a pump out and fill up with water.

It's getting dark and we don't know where the self service pump out is. We try one dock; nope, only water. Our second try is right, and thank God there's a guy on the dock to grab the line. I'm nervous and drop the line in the water not once but twice before finally handing it to him successfully.

Leaving the men to their business I take the dogs for their evening walk. As we walk past a row of hedges the dogs become very alert. A skunk! Oh nononono I mutter and we head in the opposite direction at a fast clip. Oh yesyesyesyes the dogs say, but I win the argument. Whew!

When I get back to the dock everyone is ready to go. Back to the mooring in the dark, it takes Bob with a flashlight and me with the boathook to get us back where we belong. Well at least now we're all set and don't have to deal with it in the morning.

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