Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Florida 2017: Home Again, Home Again, Hippity Hop...

Where Are We Mama?

March 1st, Wednesday. Its still very warm. We drive the 5 hours back to Hilton Head. If we decide we want to avoid the cold still further we might stop here for 1-4 weeks in April eventually. It's a lovely RV park. We go to their restaurant for dinner. Dinner is good but not as spectacular as our brunch was back in January.

March 2nd, Thursday. It rained during the night and the temps have dropped a bit. We drive the 5 hours to Mebane, North Carolina. This RV park is in a very rural area, way out in the country. Richard is an old college friend of Lee’s. They used to play guitar together way back when. Now that Lee is retired he has taken up the guitar again, and has been practicing diligently so that he and Richard can play together. After meeting for dinner at a local Asian restaurant we go back to their house. The men go upstairs and make music, Richard’s wife Catherine and I talk. I'm a bit uneasy about the dogs, mainly Cosmo. I would be dreadfully embarrassed if someone decided they needed to pee inside! Next year we'll remember Cosmo’s belly band!

A Temporary Tattoo

The temperatures drop dramatically during the night, but they stay above freezing, so we don’t need to turn our water off, at least not yet. It's cold though. I need the heavy down quilt on the bed. 

March 3rd, Friday. Its time for a 7 mile run in the morning. It works out fine to run on the rural roads. I was a bit worried because they don't have shoulders but they don't have a lot of traffic and there is plenty of grass on the side to go to when a car comes by.

Then we meet Richard and Catherine for lunch in Mebane. Its a cute little town, and we eat at a very nice farm to table restaurant. When we get back to their house we let the dogs play in their fenced in back yard. This is great until Cosmo finds a nest of baby rabbits. After a panic-stricken few moments I message my Westie friends. They tell us to just put the baby rabbits back in the nest and they will be okay, the mama will come back and probably move them. One of the babies is dead however. Its sad but you really can’t be angry at Cosmo, its just instinct.

March 4th, Saturday. It was cold enough last night that we had to turn off our water. Better safe than sorry! Onward to Pennsylvania. The RV park we choose is outside of Allentown. They are experiencing a power failure when we arrive, which sucks. I have to bring my headlamp into the park bathroom, because its so dark! Its going down in the teens tonight, so our water stays off. Before too long their power comes back on and its cozy and warm in the RV, but we definitely need the extra heater that Lee bought as insurance against freezing pipes. 

March 5th, Sunday. Home. Its always nice to be home, but I am SO over snow! How funny to think how much it excited me when we first moved to New Hampshire. Its hard to make me happy though. While we were in Florida they had a couple good blizzardy snowstorms at home. Lee and I both were happy that we didn’t have to deal with them, but at the same time we were sort of sorry to miss them. We both said we’d like to just be there for a day to experience the weather but then go right straight back to Florida!

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