Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sailing Buzzard’s Bay and Vineyard Sound - Part II

Saturday July 23rd - Sandwich to South Dartmouth

The next day its time to make it through the canal and down Buzzard’s Bay to South Dartmouth where our friends Doug and Sally will be joining us for the next 6 days. We wait until 10 AM to start so the current flowing against us isn't too strong, but even so we are just barely chugging along. It's fun though, going through a canal, under bridges, watching the other boats, listening to the VHF Radio  traffic. 

It takes us several hours to get through the canal. Then its very long haul down Buzzard’s Bay. We are going directly into the wind, again. It's not nearly as bad as yesterday but it's still choppy with 2-3 foot swells. We finally get to darling South Dartmouth around 5:30 PM and meet up with our friends, who have been waiting for us patiently. It's beastly hot. I take the dogs for a walk and even though they have been on the boat all day they are less than enthusiastic.

Later we go into town for dinner. When we come out of the restaurant it's pouring rain, thundering and lightening! Shit! We left the boat wide open because it was so hot. We head back in the dinghy. The floor is flooded, the charts that we left on the table are wet, but they will dry. Charts are waterproof thank goodness! But Sally and Doug's quilt on their bed is wet on one corner. Fortunately it's so hot they don't need it and it dries overnight.

Sunday July 24th - South Dartmouth to Cuttyhunk 

Today is our first day to sail with Sally and Doug. We follow a  close haul course across Buzzard’s Bay, which means we’re traveling at an angle to the wind. Its a much different trip from five years ago  when fog socked us in completely and we had to feel our way into the harbor. Today Cuttyhunk is bright and sunny. We go ashore, take a walk around the little island. 

I thought I remembered being able to walk around the whole island on our last visit but I can't figure out the route this time. On the way back to the boat we pass the little power station for the island. Doug works at a power plant in Texas and is intrigued. The administrator comes outside and offers us a tour. I stay out with the dogs since it's pretty noisy inside.

At the pier we have oysters at a raw bar, then head to the boat for dinner.

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