Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rain and Chilly weather Descend on Florida

For the next few days the blue skies disappear and we see clouds covering the sun. The temperatures drop into the 60s and even into the 50s at night. I know, poor us, boo hoo! Rainstorms blow through the area. We get extremely lazy; even the dogs are content to just lie around. I read, catching up on my huge backlog of unread New Yorkers. Lee even does a little work, making money and having a vacation at the same time.

One morning we walk downtown to Stella's again for breakfast. I love being able to take the dogs with us on these little expeditions, and I love being able to walk just about anywhere we want to go. I love our home in New Hampshire, but sometimes I wish it was more walkable. I like walking around our lake, or going to the rail trail for a hike, but being able to run errands or go out to eat without getting in the car is a treat. But Salem is a much larger town than Gulfport; you can't have everything!

The Gulfport Post Office and Flea Market

The rain stops one evening and we walk over to The Clam Bayou Nature Reserve. I bring my camera and we see a pink shorebird which I later discover is a roseate spoonbill. Next year I will bring my bird book to see if I can identify more birds. 

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