Thursday, February 27, 2014

St Pete Beach, British Pubs and Italian Groceries

We decide to try a classic Floridian beach today, St. Pete's. No dogs are allowed, but we walk and play with Harper and Cosmo a lot in the morning so they are tired and don't seem to mind when we leave. St. Pete's has beautiful clean, white sand, with the blue waters of the Gulf to gaze upon. It is hot, and Lee's beach tent comes in handy. Mary and I laze around, while Lee and Mark try their hand at surf fishing again. There is only so long I can spend on the beach, however, before I start feeling restless. And the fish aren't biting either, so before too long we are done with the beach.

Dinner is at a British Pub in St. Petersburg called Queens Head. It has the menu of a real British Pub, but the ambiance of a funky beach restaurant. Some entries are great - Lee's lamb sliders, Mary's steak and ale pie. Mark gets the "famous" fish and chips, but is not impressed. I get the lamb pie and it's good but nothing special. That's the problem with hanging out with a bunch of good cooks. We tend to be pretty picky about restaurant food since what we make ourselves is often better!

Thursday is windy so not so good for a beach day. We decide to explore downtown St. Petersburg, a seafood market and an Italian grocery. The seafood place, Save On Seafood, is a bargain with lots of choices, and lots of local, fresh fish. We buy crab claws and shrimp, and both are delicious.

The Italian grocery, Mazzaro's, is awesome. It's crowded with locals and tourists. We buy wine, cheese, sausages and ham. Then we head to historic downtown St. Petersburg. It's an old city, with some beautiful buildings and a really nice expresso/chocolate shop.

On our way back to Gulfport I spot a hike and bike trail. I do some research and find out that this is The Pinellas Trail. It goes from St. Petersburg all the way up to Clearwater. This sounds like something that would be great for a biking adventure sometime next week.

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