Monday, January 20, 2014

Snow Flowers

Fence Snow and Blue Sky with Clouds

We had a very fast winter storm that started on Saturday. It snowed 5 inches in 5 hours, big fat flakes. Then it snowed another inch that night, and a little bit more Sunday morning. This was a wet, heavy snowstorm. I shoveled what I could, and our intermittent plow guy came sometime Saturday evening. Unfortunately since it snowed again Sunday morning and he hasn't come back, our driveway is a bit of a snow-covered mess. But I can get the car out, so its okay.

This heavy snow has been draping itself over things in all sort of interesting shapes, so this morning, in between picking snow balls off dogs and packing for St. Louis I took my camera outside and got some nice pictures. Its sort of fun to take these snow pictures, remembering what these same plants looked like in the green of summer!

Snow Draping Itself Over a Bush

The Dogwood Looks Like its Covered with Snow Blossoms

The Evergreen Bushes are Blanketed with Snow

A Downy Woodpecker Hangs out on the Windchimes

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