Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer's End

I know its still summer in New England. In fact, although it has not been very hot lately, it has been very, very humid, which is unusual here. In Missouri I hardly noticed the humidity although it is a very humid place in the summer. I guess that's because I had been around it all my life. Heat, humidity, they went hand in hand.  In Hong Kong the humidity would slam you in the face when you went outdoors at almost any time of the year. You couldn't NOT be aware of it, and in fact you ignored it at your peril.The lack of a dehumidifier in one's apartment meant musty smelling clothes and purses and shoes with mold growing on their leather surfaces.

But its unusual for it to be so humid in New England. I feel like your typical mid-westerner, muttering "its not the heat, its the humidity" and wearing shorts and tank tops in 70 degree weather.

But the weatherman says cooler weather is on the way with lows dropping into the 40s later this week. The trees and other plants seems to know it. Although I wouldn't say the leaves are turning just yet, here and there a bit of yellow can be seen.

And the goldenrod! I love Goldenrod. I leave it growing wild along the edges of my flower beds, and it holds a prominent spot in the new meadow garden.

Although there are still plenty of flowers blooming, the most interesting thing to me right now are the late summer berries. I forget that they are also part of the garden show, and then they surprise me. Oh yeah! Thats right; flowers lead to fruit, to nuts, and on it goes.

Last week my amazing mother in law was visiting, and while she was here we spent a day in Portland, Maine. One store had these great sculptures made out of metal scraps. They had such personality! I think I need one to place somewhere along the path I intend to create in the meadow garden, don't you?

We also took her sailing. We spent a night in Marblehead, and this time the weather cooperated and we were able to go back to the park overlooking the water. Harper and Cosmo were very cooperative, and let me take pictures of them with Marblehead Harbor in the background. What good dogs!

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