Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The BVI Days 4 and 5 - The Bitter End

The Bitter End is a resort in North Sound at the very tip of Virgin Gorda. After the Baths we motored up there because we were heading into the wind and the seas were very rough. We picked up a mooring without any trouble, and with a bit of island-time confusion, managed to make dinner reservations as well. I threw on a sundress, and off we went to enjoy the West Indian Buffet at the Clubhouse Grill.

It was SO GOOD! We had snapper, tuna, steak, salads, jerk chicken, Carribean rice, BBQ ribs, bread pudding, guava tarts, banana cream pie, and some people even had coffee with rum at the end. We really could barely walk back to our dinghy after that meal.

Actually I was having trouble walking for a different reason. Earlier in the day I managed to stub my toe on the nav table in the cabin. My toe was swollen and purple, and it really hurt. I hoped it wasn't broken....I was planning on starting my marathon training again soon, and I sure would be disappointed if I had to wait for a broken toe to heal.

The rough seas and swells were supposed to persist for another day, so we decided to spend Wednesday at the resort and wait until Thursday to head to Jost Van Dike. This part of our earlier vacation I remember very well. It was one of my favorite days the first time around, and so it was this time too. Because my toe still really hurt I decided to hang out by the pool. I could be the anchor spot while other people came and went on their adventures, meeting off and on for lunch and refreshments.

Sally and Doug opted for wind surfing. They are experienced wind surfers, but they said the equipment was worn and the swirling winds made conditions less than ideal. Sadie and Douglas decided to take Hobie Cat lessons. They had a great time! Lee hung out at the pool with me.

Later in the afternoon my foot felt a little better so I decided to take a short walk on one of the trails along the coast. Although my toe still hurt, moving actually made it feel a little better. I went slowly and took lots of pictures. I started to take a trail that led up a hill, but I almost stepped on an iguana sunning himself across the path. He eyed me with a sleepy, grumpy glare, and I decided it was time to turn around.

We headed to the bar at 4:30pm, ready to try hot wings, conch fritters, $2 beer, and rum punch. Sun drenched and a little drunk, we headed back to the boat for the night.

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