Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Blaze of Color

By the time we moved to New Hampshire last year the leaves were almost all finished with falling off the trees and were lieing in great brown drifts all over the streets and our yard. This year we've been able to watch them change from green to tinges of color, to a blaze of yellow, red and orange.

Two weeks ago was Columbus Day, so most people had a 3 day weekend and it appeared that half of Boston decided to drive to New Hampshire to see the leaves (the other half went to Vermont). But the leaves have only continued to get more and more spectacular in the last 10 days.

On Thursday a nor'easter was predicted for the following day. I knew this meant rain and wind, and lots of it. I figured I'd better go take some pictures before the wind blew all the leaves into Canada.

So first Harper and I surveyed the yard. Harper chased chipmunks; I took pictures of the yellow leaves in the wetlands in front of the house.

Then we hopped in the car. First we drove down to the bridge where we usually go on our doggie walks. I love the view from this bridge.

Then we drove to the nearby subdivision...and from there continued around the lake. I took pictures of an restored barn, a little red school house, and of course the amazing leaves.

I know Harper didn't have any idea what we were doing. Everytime I stopped the car she figured that HERE we were going to get out and have some fun. Instead, she had to stay in the car while I ran out and snapped away. Poor Harper!

Just in time, too. Yesterday it poured, and last night and today a cold wind blew leaves and branches everywhere. The sun is back out, and a chilly breeze is whipping the trees around. Its still beautiful here but I have a feeling that by the time I get back from Hong Kong winter will be on its way.


  1. Just lovely Lynn. I was so craving seeing fall this year so I am so grateful for this view. I even wrote a couple of my peeps and said send me some photos or fall so I can see it. Too bad I can't get the breeze and the smell too with the photos but I can imagine.



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