Monday, April 5, 2010

Early Spring

Its spring in New England! I think...the natives say this sudden spate of nice warm weather has come unusually early. Certainly most of the plants up here don't seem to quite believe its time. Things are starting to turn green, and our neighbor's forsythia bushes are blooming, but that's about it.

We have started work on our new deck. Its fun to watch it slowly taking shape. Although there isn't much to see yet, I expect to have better pictures to publish in the next couple of weeks, that is, if the weather holds.

I've been watching to see what plants the previous owners put in around this house. It doesn't seem like they did anything major, just some groundcovers and a few bushes.

There are some pretty yellow wildflowers blooming along our still unpaved driveway. I don't know what they are. They look like some kind of aster. I'm hoping to take a class in wildflower identification sometime this summer, or maybe next fall. I'd like to learn more about what grows naturally around here!

Another thing I did this weekend was drive to the Massabesic Audabon Center, about 30 minutes away from here in Auburn, New Hampshire.  They have classes too, in birding. I used to know a fair amount about birds but when we moved to Texas the birds changed, and then changed again when we were in Hong Kong. I had too many other things I wanted to do, so birding fell by the wayside. Now in New England, once again my interest is piqued. We have all kind of ducks and cormorants around since we live on a lake, and even the occasional sea bird, since the ocean isn't very far away. But we also have old faithfuls, like this chickadee.

I haven't seen any warblers yet at our feeder, but it may still be kind of early for them up here in the north woods. Then again, maybe they just don't get a chance, since our feeder isn't squirrel-proof!

Well, once the deck and new patio and screened gazebo are built it will be my turn to start planting flowers - columbine, day lilies, ferns, whatever the animals around here won't eat and will grow well. I know Gail would be happy to send me cuttings of her hellebores and perfect pink phlox! I may even have to start my own hedge along the driveway....

But until then I'll just have to be content with flowers like these...


  1. Here's your totally remiss friend finally visiting! I love seeing the guys build the deck~~You lucky homeowner! Mr I cleaned off the porch and I couldn't have been more happy. I would faint to have him build anything. The wildflower looks like Coltsfoot/Tussilado introduced European species! Not sure when in our history they arrived on our shores...but probably with the puritans. Coltfoot was a medicinal cough remedy. Is that more info then you want?! I hope to visit~~we need to make a plan! xxxgail

  2. Thanks Gail! They are pretty, whatever they are! Well I'm going to take some classes, but my mind is like a sieve nowadays so I don't know what will stick. The neighbor across the street and the neighbor next door are named Bill and Bob (or Bob and Bill). I can't remember which one is which and I've asked Lee about a dozen times!

    Lee is in heaven having a house with a million projects again, and Daniel doesn't mind since he is getting paid :).

    Yes visit please! Come this summer and we'll go sailing and hang out on our new deck :0


  3. Oh spring in the air and the dream of flowers to come. Isn't that the best. I love the smell of earth when it is moist and new and ready for planting. I love the thought that you will have fresh spring flowers to plant. I like just the thought of green grass right about now but it will come sometime and hopefully not too
    much at once. The plans and work on the house will keep you think of how wonderful the new house will be. Enjoy that planting!.......Leslie



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