Sunday, September 27, 2009


You’d think that now that all the angst and uncertainty of this past year were over that I would be happy and content; doing my part to see that this house in Austin sells and preparing for the big move. Well, yes I’m doing that; I keep this house uncluttered, tidy and clean and make myself scarce whenever a realtor wants to show it to a prospective client. I’m making lists and doing whatever it is I need to do from this end to prepare for the move. But really, there’s just not that much to do here right now. The only reason I’m here and not in New England is because somebody really needs to keep this house occupied while all our possessions still reside here. And so here I sit.

I’ve always been good at occupying myself, no matter what the situation and now is no exception. Besides the eternal house-cleaning and the basics of cooking and errand-running I spent the 16th through the 21st of this month in St. Louis with my mom. We celebrated Rosh Hashanah together on Saturday. I did some work to clean up her office and get some of her paperwork filed. My mom does a very good job of keeping track of her affairs but she truly hates organizing things and putting them away, and at 81 years old she’s not going to change any time soon. I created an “in box” for her and just said “if you don’t feel like filing things put them here and I’ll be happy to file them the next time I’m in town.” It’s a lot better than sorting through five years of randomly filed papers!

I was also able to see how much pain her hip is giving her. Around 8 years ago she broke her hip when my father lost his balance and knocked her over. The hip joint was surgically repaired but it’s always been somewhat painful and it’s gotten much worse. She’s going to a surgeon October 8th and I'm prepared to hear that she’s finally going to have to get the hip repaired again or even get the joint replaced.

When I got back from St. Louis I had to buy a car. The week before Daniel left for Boston with Lee he was in a car accident. A lady pulled out right in front of him (while talking on a cell phone no less) and he ran right into her. Thank goodness no one was hurt, but they finally determined that the Hyundai was totaled. This turned out to be really great news in a way because they gave us $6,000 for it which was WAY more than we would have ever gotten for it on a trade-in or if we tried to sell it ourselves.

Lee did the research online and sent me five or six cars to look at. A few of them were in Austin, but if they didn’t suit I was going to have to go to Houston. I bought the second car I looked at, a Subaru Legacy All Wheel Drive Sedan. It’s a really nice car, blue, with a tan interior. It’s a 2008, but it has a fair number of miles (37,000) because it was a rental car. No matter, it drives really nicely and doesn’t have a scratch on it. I’m happy to have a nice car to drive again!

But now, here I sit. Frankly I’m bored! I’m eager for Lee to show up Thursday night, for Mel and Stan to get here, for ACL next weekend. I’m eager to go up to Boston again the weekend of the 8th through 13th of October to see the fall colors and drive to the Berkshires to buy ski equipment! I’m READY to pack up this house on the 19th and 20th and drive to Boston. I want to close on our new house, move in, and start the next part of my life.

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  1. Well I bet you are ready. Sitting in limbo is no fun and for one reason or another you have been in limbo for a LONG time now. I am excited for you frankly to start the new!



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