Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 5 - A James Joyce Walk and an Irish Prison Tour

Irish oatmeal for breakfast then into the city for a James Joyce walk. We wander about the north side of the city seeing places where Joyce lived, or characters in Dubliners and Ulysses stayed or visited. Our guide gives us a mixture of bits of literature and Irish history thrown together. Its a very good tour, very entertaining and educational. Its so strange how some parts of Ullyses and Dubliners I remember so clearly and others not at all.

Then another good meal in a pub, vegetable soup warms us right up. We walk along the Liffey to the Kilhamon Gaol for a prison tour. It's much farther than we think, but a nice man encourages us along the way. "Going to the prison? Don't worry, you're almost there!" People are so friendly in Ireland!

The prison is grim and beautiful, awful bits of Irish history, hangings and rebellions. We take a taxi back to the train and the driver is a hoot, tells us where to go and what to do in Howth tomorrow, and the best way to enjoy ourselves on the drive to County Kerry. Will we take a picture at each county sign? Ha.

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