Monday, May 7, 2012

April 28 Boston to London

This is the beginning of our trip to the UK and Ireland, started over a week ago. I've got several blog posts all set up and ready to go, but haven't had the time to post them yet. Let's see if I can make a start tonight.

We said all along that 6 and a half hours Boston to London would seem like nothing after our long asian journeys, and we were right. It seemed like no time at all before we were landing at Heathrow. It took forever, however to wander through the airport, collect our bags, clear customs and find the train into the city. A 50 minute train ride got us to Knightsbridge station. From there we hauled our bags up the stairs and out into the pouring rain. Fortunately a taxi appeared almost immediately. But I thught london taxis were black, and this one was covered with red and white ads. What was it, some sort of gypsy cab? We crossed the Thames and turned into what we hoped was the location of our apartment. It was! The building found, up we go to the 7th floor and 80 Lanson, overlooking Battersea Park. Teeny but darling, thanks very very much to the generosity of our friends. It's too late to go out to eat, but we make it to the little complex grocery store, buy Indian food, fruit and some bread and chocolate and we're all set.

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