Monday, May 7, 2012

April 29th London

Jet lag means we don't go to bed until 2 and sleep til 8, 10:30 for Lee. I go for a run in Battersea park with families and dogs, never mind the rain. Because of the weather we decide this is a museum day, but first we walk out on Queenstown Road to the Mason Arms for lunch. In this cosy pub we have wine, beer and a Yummy veggie plate. Then we buy an Oyster card so we can start taking the buses and the tube the way the locals do. The tube is super easy to figure out, the buses more mysterious, so we mainly stick to the ones on Queenstown that get us from the tube back to our apartment.

First we take the tube to South Kensington and then walk to the Natural history museum where we look at lots of rocks, then stuffed birds and some fab dinosaur skeletons. Then we cross the street for a quick stroll thru the Victoria and Albert museum with its fashions, furniture and carved fireplaces but the weather starts to clear so we decide to go walking through Hyde Park instead admiring the strange birds and watch people feeding squirrels. I can't decide if Harper would be delighted or appalled. Personally I'm a little disgusted. They're just squirrels after all. After our walk we're ready to find a cafe. Its teatime! We split a scone with clotted cream and jam, and a lemon tart. We have coffee instead of tea, however. Then it's back to the apartment for awhile. We've booked a wonderful French restaurant for dinner, off of Slone Square. Le Poulet et pot? Charming, with dark wood, dripping candles, and the food is Very Good.

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