Friday, May 11, 2012

May 3rd- London to Dublin

One last run in Battersea Park, dry the last of our clothes, eat the last of our food. Back to the Mason Arms for one more lunch and then it's off to Heathrow and Dublin. Funny how in just a few days a city like London can start to become comfortable. Just enought time to get a general sense of what it's about, enough to wish we could come back often and explore more thoroughly.

Quite a flog to get to our flight, but we knew it woud be. Only 1 hour+ a bit to get to Dublin. A much smaller airport, more casual security. We get a cute little Mercedes for our car and decide that perhaps its best after all for Lee to be the only driver which save us 20 euros a day, and both our nerves. I can drive on the left from our years in Hong Kong, but the thought fills me with anxiety. I make a much better navigator than driver.

We have a gps, plug in the address of our b&b, and an easy 30 minute drive later there we are at Ariel House. Its outside the little town of Ballsbridge right outside Dublin City. Dublin is much smaller and more compact than London. By the time we check in its almost 8, so we walk the 5 minutes to the town center and eat at a little French place, French Paradox, where they squeeze us in at the bar even though we don't have a reservation. Flights of wine, I especially like the white, a Spanish allbino, and a light red Cabernet. Duck terrine, leek soup. One of the best restaurants we've eaten at this trip!

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