Friday, May 24, 2013

What's Blooming on Shore Drive - May 24th Edition

Its been raining all week here in Southern New Hampshire, but I'm not complaining, not a bit. We really, really need the rain. We are almost back to normal for the month of May, but it will take a lot more rain to catch up for the year. The lake is about 2 feet higher, but it has a good 4 feet to go to be normal, so although I miss the sun I wouldn't mind it raining some more.

The big news on Shore Drive this week are my Clematis. They started blooming at the beginning of the week and they get prettier each day.

These Clematis were planted by the former owners. They had them growing up the side of a wooden swingset, which we removed and replaced with a pretty arbor. I have added a white clematis to the mix which blooms later in the summer.

The lilacs are still blooming, but they are kind of droopy in the rain.

My new rhododendrons along the driveway are starting to bloom. I'm excited to be a rhododendron grower! They don't grow easily in Missouri, or Texas. A lot of my neighbors grow azaleas. They are very showy, but bloom so briefly, so far I'm not tempted.

My Weigelia bush is getting ready to bloom. I planted it a couple of years ago and so far it has done very well!

And the allium I planted two years ago is starting to bloom as well. Last year it was spectacular!

My Columbine cultivar (not a wild variety) is blooming now. I love this flower!

And here again, are two flowers that I can't identify. The yellow one might be a type of Raniculae, and the blue one might be a type of Aster, but I really don't know. The past couple of years, the blue flower has been eaten by either deer or bunnies, but it always comes back. I'm trying really hard to keep the deer repellant spread out  consistently, and so far I haven't had anything eaten this year. Fingers crossed!

The dogs have to follow me around if I'm out taking pictures, and I'm within the boundary of the invisible fence. Here is Cosmo among the hostas.

Did I tell you that the hummingbirds are back? I lucked out with this picture. Not bad for a beginner DSLR user!

The sun is supposed to come back out next week. I have plans to get the remaining vegetables planted in the garden then, including the plants I've been growing inside. But first we have to get beyond a predicted low Saturday night of 40F. Come on Summer!

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