Friday, May 10, 2013

The Netherlands - The Beach! The Bikes!

Here it is, my final post from our trip to The Netherlands...pretty anticlimactic if you ask me. It was a very nice day, however, and a perfect way to end our vacation.


I'm not going to do a lot of writing about today, our last day in Holland. I took a bunch of great pictures at the beach, so I'll let them do the talking for me.

I got up this morning and did my Sunday 8 mile run. I ran/walked the 2 miles to the beach, ran along the beach for 2 miles, and then ran back. The beach was foggy and beautiful and cold. When I got back to Stan and Mel's it was time to eat a little breakfast, hop in the shower and throw the dogs in the car so that they could have their turn at the beach.

By now it was warmer, but still foggy. Lots of people were out with their children and dogs. Mel's dogs love the beach. It was great watching them run around with their doggy smiles. 

We had Dutch pancakes for lunch, or Paanekoek. You can get them savory or sweet; we opted for savory. I had one with bacon, cheese and tomatoes; Lee had bacon, cheese and mushrooms. They hit the spot!

Some of the funny sculptures along the boardwalk

After the beach we went on a short bike ride. It would just be wrong to come to the Netherlands and say that we didn't ride bikes. Bikes are such an intregal part of this society. There are bike paths everywhere. The Dutch ride nonchalantly, their upright single gear bikes zooming along throughout the city and countryside. For about an hour we were Dutch bikers too.

After all that exercise I was ready for a snack and a little relaxation. We're going to dinner in about an hour; I'll be ready for that too.


That it, the end of our European adventure for this year. I'm ready to stay home for awhile, explore New England, going sailing with my husband and kids. We are starting, however, to talk about where we want to go next year. Maybe Turkey? Its definitely on my bucket list....

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