Monday, May 20, 2013

What's Blooming on Shore Drive - May 17th Edition

My yard looks really, really nice right now. All the fresh mulch has been spread, and flowers are being quite polite about taking turns blooming.

Remember my almost forgotten container garden? These little white flowers sprouted in the container this week. Unfortunately I have no idea what they are.

I realized that when I started to get ready to do this week's edition of my "What's Blooming" project, just how many things I have growing in my yard that I don't know what they are. It used to not bother me much, but as I've gotten more into gardening I'm starting to feel a little embarrassed about my continued ignorance.

This groundcover was something I acquired in a plant propagation class at Garden in the Woods several years ago. I thought it was some kind of  Chrysogonum, but it doesn't look very much like the pictures online.

One nice thing about this project is that as things bloom and I take their picture, I'm TRYING to figure out their name. This week, however, I've struck out several times. Maybe some of my more educated friends can enlighten me!

The high and low bush blueberries are blooming all over our yard and neighborhood. I can't wait until later this summer when the blueberries are ripe!

Another one of the mystery ground covers. This one has tiny blue flowers that don't last very long.

I know this one's common name - Candy Tuft. It only blooms sparingly. I wonder what I should do to get it to bloom better?

The trees are an other-worldly color right now - electric green. They are also spewing pollen like crazy. Its everywhere, happens every year. It gets on everything, cars, lawn furniture, dogs, people. We need lots of rain to wash it away!

Oh yeah, my lilacs are in full bloom now. The pruning I did seems to have really helped them.

Some kind of wild cherry, I believe, growing in the middle of my day lilies along the driveway. I welcome pretty accidents like this!

A baneberry bush (maybe) on my neighbor's property

I love, love, love this ground cover that my neighbor has under her birches! I covet it. I think it is Lamium galeobdelum. I have to ask her if I can take a little bit of it, but I'm shy....

Lady Slippers! One of my favorite things about New England!

Canada Mayflower - its blooming prolifically this year, another New England wildflower that I really enjoy

Our beautiful lake is very low this year.
We got over a quarter of an inch of rain last night, much needed. Our lake is partially drained every winter, but in April its supposed to get refilled from another lake north of here. Well this year the other lake refused to supply us with water because they are too low from lack of rain. So here we sit, way below normal for the foreseeable future. The people that live on the lake are pretty annoyed. Its still pretty, but it would be prettier with less brown shoreline showing!


  1. I have some Lamium galeobdelum and I get get more if you want some

  2. That would be awesome Diane! It's so pretty, and if my neighbors yard is any indication, it will spread like crazy.



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