Friday, April 26, 2013

The Netherlands - Delft

What did we do today? We hopped in the car with Melanie, Stan, Russell and Brie, and went to Delft, a very cute town not far from The Hague. Here we walked around admiring the picturesque streets, houses, church steeples and canals. The guidebook describes Delft as a smaller Amsterdam without the frenzy, and that seemed right.

The weather was beautiful and it felt a lot warmer, even if it wasn't really. The sun was out and the wind had died down. We wandered the streets, enjoying the sights, and I took lots of pictures. Before we left The Hague, Mel took me to a cheese shop where a knowledgable sales lady helped this cheese-ignorant American buy a nice variety of cheeses to take home. And once we were in Delft I decided to take the plunge and buy a little Delft china. I have hardly bought any souvenirs this trip, so it was time. I bought a nice vase to hold little spring flowers, and a few other small items as well.

All I needed after that was some good Dutch chocolate, and that wasn't hard to find either. I bought truffles and fine chocolate bars, and then I was set.

We got back to The Hague in time to be lazy for the rest of the afternoon. All the nappers are napping, the ipaders are ipadding, and the putzers are putzing around. This vacation is winding down, but we have one more day in The Hague before we head back to Frankfurt and fly home to our doggies and our incoming visitors!

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