Friday, April 5, 2013

Germany - Rothenburg-ab-der-Tauber and Lindau

In the morning we say goodbye to Wurzburg. We really liked it, nice hotel, good food, interesting sites. Now it's on to Rothenburg-ab-der-Tauber, a very well preserved medieval village. Only an hour by car. It's still cold, we park the car and go walk around. It's a little hard to decide what to do. We view a little museum, wander around the streets. The best part is walking part of the city wall. We try an Italian restaurant for lunch, we don't want to totally burn out on German food! I have gnocchi cause that is my go to comfort food sometimes when my stomach is acting up, which it is, a bit.

Then the drive to Lindau. The weather soon turns terrible, rain, sleet, wintery mix, there is snow on the ground. Strange because its actually a bit warmer than it was in Wurzburg. The part of Lindau where we are staying is a small village on an island overlooking Lake Constance. It probably has gorgeous views across the lake to Zurich and the alps, but we can't see a thing.

We find our hotel, drop off our bags, then find the parking, which is hardly next to the hotel, like the description of the hotel says. It's a couple of blocks away, not so fun in the drizzly rain. Hotel Medusa is clean and quiet, not quite as nice as the hotel in Wurzburg, however, yet more expensive. It's smack in the middle of the island village, so everything is close by.

We go in search of our afternoon coffee and pastry. We find a quiet cafe overlooking the harbor. This place is pretty deserted because of the terrible weather. This time I choose apple strudel with warm vanilla creme sauce....yum.

We wander around the little village for a bit, decide where we want to eat dinner tonight and then retreat to our hotel room. It's just too unpleasant to be outside for long. I spend some time reading about the baths in Baden-Baden and getting myself psyched for that experience. Tomorrow we're driving off into the mountains to tour the Neuschwenstein Castle, the castle that inspired Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle. It might SNOW! I sure hope we can see the darn thing and its not lost in the mist, like the Big Buddha in Hong Kong on a cloudy day.....

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