Friday, March 7, 2014

Gulfport's Get Rescued Festival and Checking Out Safety Harbor

On Saturday Gulfport has it's annual dog rescue fundraiser downtown. Get Rescued attracts rescue organizations from around the state of Florida. There are all sorts of dog breeds dressed up in their finery, arts, crafts and dog treats. All proceeds go to benefit dog rescue organizations in Florida.

Lots of cute dogs parade around downtown Gulfport. Everyone is having a great time in spite of the rain that comes in stops and starts. Harper wears a flower on her collar, Cosmo wears his new tie. Everyone loves Westies; so many people stop to pet and compliment our dogs.

There are a couple of houses in Safety Harbor we think we might want to rent next year so we drive up there on Sunday afternoon. One house won't do because it doesn't have a fenced yard, but the other is perfect, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (one with a walk in shower in case my mom wants to visit), a screened porch, a non-muddy fenced yard.

Safety Harbor is very different from Gulfport. It's a lot bigger, and there happens to be some kind of Italian Festival going on down by the water so it's busy and crowded on this day. But it's another charming Floridian town with lots of shops and restaurants, a resort and spa, and a bike path along the waterfront that goes all the way to Clearwater. We decide to take the house for the entire month of March next year. We are turning into snowbirds!

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