Friday, January 14, 2011

January Blizzard

I'm feeling quite blase about the massive snowstorm we had on Wednesday. They are just so GOOD about clearing the roads and getting everyone moving again. And for the most part people are smart. They stay home until the storm is over and the roads are cleared, and then (again for the most part) they drive cautiously.

This storm was a true nor'easter I guess. We woke up Wednesday morning to about 7 inches and it just kept on snowing all day long and didn't really stop until that evening. Lee had the snow-blower out several time and our plow guy took care of the driveway in the afternoon, coming back one more time sometime Wednesday evening.

I took a few pictures on Wednesday, but the visibility wasn't that good. But today I took a few more so you can see just how deep it is. I had to use my snow shoes to fill the bird-feeder!

Harper has a very nice winter coat, and booties too! The coat is comfortable and she doesn't seem to mind it. She doesn't enjoy putting on the booties (they are like little balloons that go over her feet) but they keep the ice and salt off her paws and she enjoys her walks a lot more with them on.

I got a rain chain for Christmas, but we had to take it down after the first snowstorm at the beginning of January. It collects ice and Lee was afraid it would tear the gutter. It looked very pretty though. I guess it will work better once winter is over.

The official snow depth in the Nill back yard is 16 inches. We are at lawn chair seat depth and the rock wall has disappeared. In the picture below with the arbor you can see the path Lee made so Harper can go potty. This storm is WAY over her head, but as a true Westie, she still goes plunging right into it at times. I think (in small doses anyway) she loves snow almost as much as I do...


  1. Lynn, your snow looks so beautiful! And Harper is a hoot. I love her "outfit". You take such good care of her.
    I had never even heard of a rain chain before. So I went looking, reading, and watching on the internet. That must look so lovely when it rains. But Lee is right-- ice is really heavy and even regular icicles can rip gutters down. (But after watching various videos, are you sure your rain chain is hanging right side up?)

  2. Ginia, I'm sure the chain is right side up! I think it just looks funny cause of the ice. But its a series of copper bells...see?

  3. The picture of Harper just cracks me up! There is no way I would get those booties on Lily or Teddy's feet.

  4. I love those Booties and the coat. I have to laugh at how she seems to be posing in them. So cute!!! That is ALOT of snow..........Leslie

  5. Dear, That's a lot of snow! Way to go Lee. Harper looks so sweet in his coat and boots~You've answered my question about rain chains! The do need to come down in the winter~xxoogail

  6. Bee, I flip Harper on her back between my legs to put her booties on! She goes limp and passive...I am alpha mama-dog, at least most of the time!



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